ann’s scarf

ann's scarf

one holidayish gift down.  this scarf is for ben’s professor who saw him through his masters and his playing certificate.  and got him the his job as adjunct professor.  she has been fabulous and deserves nothing less than kidsilk haze. also, she loves the color red.

ann's scarf

this was my first time knitting with kidsilk haze and it was lovely.  i did have to dig out some pointier needles than i started with and thank goodness i did.  i might not have survived otherwise ;)  i do believe i’ll knit this scarf again in my snapdragon light fingering.  it will be a sample and maybe a free pattern with a yarn purchase?  really i’m itching to use this lace pattern in a circular shawl, so we’ll see.  first, christmas gifts must be knit!

ann's scarf

i used a size 7 or 8 needle and altered the lace pattern a wee bit.  all i have to say is thank goodness i changed lace patterns to something more baby brain friendly.  that way it didn’t take me 2 more years to finish. raveled here.

ann's scarf

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