first of all, thank you for all the wonderful comments on my post on quitting hat selling and our family photo.  i do believe it is a new season in the life of cosymakes. and speaking of the season and hat knitting, i made the bean a new hat. you know what happens to handspun that doesn’t sell?

m's aviator hat yarn


handspun aviator

aviator hat (raveled here), knit in the 12 mo. size, since the 4.5 month old has a 6 month old sized head.  should fit the winter (i hope!). i’ve been wanting to make a handspun version of this hat for a long time.  i enjoyed the pattern a lot and highly recommend it.


for this photo shoot i put the sleepy but not going to sleep babe in one of my baby carriers and attempted to take photos. here’s the only good one i got of the side.


and a sweet front shot.


and here’s my favorite out take.

hope all my american readers out there have a wonderful thanksgiving! may it be full of friends or family and food. and, dare i say, wool.

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