the end of an era

from 2006

i’ve decided to stop selling hats and thus to re-home the hats i already have. i took all of my baby/kid hats to mama knitting today and got rid of a bunch. these hats that have been just sitting around are now keeping folks warm and toasty. and i get to see them being worn which makes me very happy.

hats 2007
from 2007

that said, this is kind of a sad day. it marks the end of an era. my first creative knitting. my book deal, which was based on that knitting.  the playing with texture and color that won’t happen as much anymore.

hats 2008
from 2008

but at handmade arcade this weekend, i sold not. one. hat. i re-homed three. i did, however, sell a bunch of yarn. and the place the hats took at my table could be filled with samples of my designs with my yarn.

hats 2009
from 2009

the creativity that started in the hats has been slowly being funneled into designing anyhow. so i am saying farewell to my original hat business. CosyKnits (literally) and cosymakes is now a design/dye/teach business.  you’ll probably still see some hats, but way less than before and with intentional recipients.  i’m hoping to teach some creative hat knitting classes, too.

hats 2010
from 2010

p.s. there also may be a hat give-away or two here on this blog. and there will probably be time for some old hats to be made into patterns also.  you know, as much time as you have with a 4.5 month old ;)

8 thoughts on “the end of an era

  1. Sounds like your business is evolving! Which is always a good thing in my book. And your time is precious now. You have a gorgeous baby to spend it with.

    Great seeing you at HA.

  2. i love all your hats and my daughter still wears the one you made us every winter, every day. good on you for making a decision about how you want your business to evolve. there is a time for everything!

  3. Your hats are so wonderful; I have always admired and been inspired by them. But really, I love your creativity and designs (and yarn and fiber…), and I’m very excited to see what happens during this next stage!

  4. I love your hats! They are very inspiring to me. I hope you keep knitting and making wonderful things. I will miss your hats designs for sure! But new and good things are about to come, and that’s always good!

  5. Awww.. I’m going to miss yoyr stunning hats! But, every chapter comes to an end and this is the beginning of a new chapter for you. Good Luck… :) not that you need it my dear!

  6. I have a secret store of hats too, and have not sold all….

    However, I might have a contact or outlet for your hats in a prominent London/highgate arty sort of shop… me and I can give you contacts etc if you have any hats left.

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