carrot top hat

there are still a couple of falkland fiber club slots left! you have until tomorrow to claim yours :)


wondering what that hat was in the last post?

this hat is made from a tiny bit of soft, fluffy north-central pennsylvania shetland that i dyed, spun on the first spinning wheel i’d ever bought, and chain plied. i loved the little skein so much and needed a special project for it that used the whole ball and showed it off nicely. i also knew i’d keep for a special babe, rather than selling it.  i spun it and knit it in the last few years… but i’m not sure exactly when.

technically, this hat isn’t even finished, since it was supposed to have earflaps (ala this pattern from my book). but fall came and my bald little babe needed a hat and who knows where the brim yarn went? so he’s been wearing it. although i’m normally anti ears peeking out of hats, it seems to work for him.  he’ll need something else for winter though…


photos taken at knitting group, by friends.  except these ones, which i took to show off the halo and whole hat.  so pretty.  love that farm wool!  raveled here.

carrot top hat

carrot top hat

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