i have been knitting

really! it started out with finishing the legs on these two soakers a few weeks after the babe made his appearance… and now he needs this size because he is a giant.  no newborn things for him!  in hindsight, i probably shouldn’t have even bothered with the newborn sizes.  alas. raveled here and here.

rainbow chard soaker
handspun soaker

then i almost finished this tomten, but misplaced (ahem) the last ball of yarn for the end of the sleeve so, later i guess. the yarn is handspun dyed for the falkland fiber club – colorway pacific.  a bit greener in person. raveled here.

m's tomten

and then i went on to work on this, but also can’t find any more of the yarn… you can see the first color in the blanket here. the handspun is next. raveled here.


and what’s with all this yarn loss? well, the studio is moving! into a larger space in our house. you can see the last very small space here. i’m hoping to start teaching more and having open houses for the business at least once a month, where people can come hang out and/or buy things.

6 thoughts on “i have been knitting

  1. Hey Cosy! I spotted you, baby, and grandmother-figure at Giant Eagle the other day. I have a cold so did not come close. Looking forward to seeing you and the new boy soon :)

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