more small things

first of all, a gift from beth. i believe it’s the baby bib o’ love pattern from the mason dixon ladies… done up in fabulous BRIGHT! colors and stripes. two of my favorite things.  thanks beth!

more little things

this little crocheted bonnet is either grandmama made (on ben’s side) or great grandmama made. i’m glad i dug this one out because it’s going to need to be worn pronto to get any wear out of it. so cute and precious.

more little things

lastly, i also fished around and found these two little pieces of footwear. i knit these over 4 years ago, when we lived in vancouver. here’s the original pic of the socks. it’s funny how some things just keep kicking around.  but now they have a place, front and center, in order to be worn before being outgrown.

more little things

and the other plus is that the stack of knits for this babe are somewhat in order of size, so i can nab things off of the top to try on whenever i feel that there needs to be a bit more knitting around.

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