grandmama made

it’s my estimated due date! but i’m pretty certain there will be no babe today – which is fine. it will come some time. in the meantime, i’m still sorting through things and getting things ready, pulling out the little little things.

recycled wool soakers

yesterday i lanolized some soakers for the first time, including these two recycled sweater ones that my mom made.  note the animal type shape on the butt of the one. i think she couldn’t decide what she wanted it to be, so left it vague.  she was also having a hard time finding sweaters where she lives, so i sent her a box full… and so in the winter expect more of these cuties!  and hopefully some little felted wool pants.

knit taggy blanket

some time last week i sorted stuff by somewhat age appropriateness (or what i guessed to be age appropriate…) and found this little taggy blanket my mom made.  the front is handknit cotton and the back is lined in cotton fabric.  i’m pretty sure she stole the tags off of a not very good shape blanket she found at the thrift store.  and that, my friends, is where my thriftiness comes from.  anyhow, i love it and it will be one of the first things the babe will get.

more small things to come tomorrow!

p.s. i have 2 weeks to have this baby and you have 2 weeks to take advantage of the birth month pattern sale!  don’t forget :)

3 thoughts on “grandmama made

  1. I have 3 soakers ready to go for our baby. But I haven’t taken the plunge into lanolizing them yet. My sister and I read up on it and thought we understood the process. Now I’m hesitating because I’m not sure I really know, and I’m worried about accidentally felting the soakers by making the lanolin-water too hot or agitating too much or something. So how exactly did you do it? And I have a huge tube of Medela lanolin leftover from the early days of nursing (it gets far less ouchy after the 6 week mark)–can I use it to lanolize the soakers? Maybe this calls for a post on how to properly lanolize things. (If you’ve already written about this in the past, my apologies..)

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