new pattern: ice skating cape

if you’ve been reading this blog for a really, really long time, you may remember this knitted artifact i inherited back when we lived in vancouver.

well, designer larissa brown either remembered it or stumbled upon it when searching for designs and designers for her newest book, My Grandmother’s Knitting. she asked me to do an updated version of the cape – which can now be seen here on ravelry.  the original?  the bottom was knit as a separate piece and sewn on.  mine, not so much ;)  seamless.

my copy of the book hasn’t shown up yet, but i do have a few words to say. first of all, i love larissa. she’s just my kind of knitting geek… interested in the interactions between people, history, knit objects.  in other words, she’s interested in knitting, but also the deeper meanings and relationships that go along with it.  her first book, Knitalong, was a lovely example of this and i expect this one to be equally as fabulous.

4 thoughts on “new pattern: ice skating cape

  1. Cosy, that cape/skirt is really lovely! And we’ve been keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers as the big day approaches. Best wishes to you all as you welcome a new little one into the world! :)

  2. that’s so awesome! i don’t remember seeing it before but now i can’t wait to make a cape. i’ve been thinking about you and baby this week as i spin up the last of my fiber club roving, i hope all is well!

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing this book! I think it’s great that Larissa is calling it My Grandmother’s Knitting. I’ve been tired of the put-down expression “not your grandmother’s knitting” for a long time now. :/

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