and this is all you get…

because i’ve been dyeing for fiber clubs and i can’t show you that. my hands are now constantly numb and tingly, which makes it hard to want to do many things.  ben has to squeeze out the fiber club wool for me.

36 wks, 2 days

36 weeks, 2 days… and the slide show, in case you’re interested.

i also dyed 60 skeins of rainbow chard… and there will be an update on the first! plus i’ve had some requests for kits for the striping part of tri-terra, so i’ll put those up too.  you’ll need a kit plus a skein or two of chard, or stash yarn.

otherwise, i’ve been knitting very slowly on a tomten for the babe.  it’s mostly handspun and a fun knit, but i can’t say i enjoy it as much with tingly fingers.  but, i’m almost done.  one more sleeve!  plus that hood is sooo cute and it doesn’t matter that i finish soon because i made a big size to fit for two winters.

mostly, i’ve been reading lots of a medieval mystery series.  carpal tunnel responds a bit better to that ;)

7 thoughts on “and this is all you get…

  1. I use a salad spinner for all of my wool(fleece, roving, skeins) to get the water out. Maybe that would help??? Wonderful picture, love your patterns.

  2. Sorry to hear that your hands are hurting you so much. Hopefully, that last sleeve won’t be too hard.

    Have fun with the reading in the mean time.

  3. Lookin’ good! I took belly profile shots thruout my pregnancy. I didn’t take a photo before I headed out to hospital. Totally wish I had. If you are able to do so, I heartily recommend snapping a few pics before heading out to birthing center, hospital, or before getting too in the thick of things during a home birth.

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