springling shawl give-away

the winner of this give-away will get both a skein of snapdragon light fingering of their choice (click yarn name to see what’s available)

sneak peek

and a copy of my new springling shawl pattern!

springling shawl

and one runner up will get a copy of the pattern too.

in order to enter, comment on this blog post and tell me what your favorite thing to knit in the summer is and/or what your favorite fiber to knit in summer is. entries must be in by sunday 9 pm eastern time. i’ll announce the winner on monday.

my favorite summer knit?  i really do like light weight shawls, but i’ll knit pretty much anything.  and, as always, my favorite fiber is animal based and usually wool!

48 thoughts on “springling shawl give-away

  1. For summer knits, I like making things with cotton, tanks or little kerchiefs. Quick, easy and cool projects make me happiest when the temps soar.

    Thanks so much for having the giveaway. Your yarns and pattern are gorgeous!

  2. I love to knit socks in the summer using regular sock yarn. They are so small, it doesn’t make me hot doing it, even while sitting at the park watching the kids play!

  3. Wool is my all around favorite…sometimes as a blend, but definitely my usual go-to yarn, and usually working on baby sweaters and hats during the summer months, stocking up and using up scraps I’ve accumulated thru the winter months!

  4. Wow – thanks for the chance to win! I’d LOVE to knit your shawl! My favorite things to knit in the summer are usually hats but I am slowly moving into some lace knitting and can’t wait to finish some UFO’s so I can work on a shawl (seriously)! I prefer animal based yarns, too, and love wool & wool blends. Thanks! Stephanie

  5. I like to knit lightweight cardigan sweaters and shawls in the summer with lace weight yarns and silk.

  6. In the summer I like to knit shawls or socks since they don’t take up my whole lap and make me hot while knitting outside! Wool is my favorite, but I also like it blended with other fibers.

  7. I’m on a shawl jag that has been going for like a year. I also like to knit scarves in the summer. Or rather cowls. Short projects, circs to travel, and small amounts of yarn to use vacay stash. :D I really like wool too. It makes no sense though. I live in Georiga where wool is only useful for about 20 minutes on 1 fall day in November.

  8. I have been admiring this shawl since it went up in your etsy store. I am excited for a chance to win the pattern!

    I always knit with wool, even in the summer when its 100 degrees. I do tend to work on smaller projects though. Socks or mittens or hats are my favorite because the don’t sit heavy in my lap like a sweater or blanket.

  9. I love to knit lace in the summer; it’s lightweight and I feel like the warmer weather makes it easier for me to concentrate on charts. Bonus if it’s lace in the form of something sweet for my daughter to wear!

  10. I havent done a great deal of summer knitting, other than small shawls, since its usually humid h*ll out here. I have started a lace “shell” I hope to enjoy over the summer months this time around though :)

  11. I love your springling shawl! I’ve been very much into shawls & shawlettes as we head into the warmer months. I’d also like to try some small projects for my bus commute, like cotton washcloths.

  12. My favorite thing to knit in the warmer months are shawls…although I don’t seem to get to completing them very quickly! I like to use Merino blends or sometimes laceweight!

  13. Last summer I was working on a heavyweight wool blanket in 100 degree weather. This summer I want to plan things a little better… so maybe some socks or a lightweight scarf/shawl.

  14. My favorite summer knits are dishcloths and socks. Both lightweight items that don’t sit on your lap and make me warmer!

  15. I love knitting with wool whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. And I tend to knit shawls, baby sweaters/vests, and socks most in the summer months.

  16. Strangely, I do a lot of winter knitting in the summer. I’m trying to get my summer knitting done now, so I can actually use it in summer and not wait until next year. But for things I like to knit for summer, lace shawls to wrap around on cool nights, and light hats, because I always like to wear hats, and finally fingerless mitts. Just in case it gets cold. (I think that was because I grew up in Scotland and I always think Summer will be cold.)

  17. I love socks for the summer, in any fiber! Small enough to take any where and not too warm to have on my lab for hours.

  18. I love knitting socks or lacy scarves in the warmer months – either using fingering weight wool-based yarns for the socks or one-off light-weight cottons/linen blends or my own handspun for the lacy scarves.

  19. I love knitting tanks in the summer…but this year I’m going to try and take on more shawls. I stick with wool even in the summer but try and stick with finely spun yarn and wool with good drape like BFL or wool blends with silk or tencel.

  20. I’ll knit anything, anytime! I don’t think I knit less in the summer, or even differently. It’s all wool, all the time! It’s not the season for it, but I’m hoping to finish a Lopi sweater for my mom in the next little while.

  21. I usually do more spinning in the summer because my friends and I can get together easily. The roads are so bad in the winter and the days are so short! So in the summer when I knit, it’s usually with yarn I didn’t spin! Love to make socks because they’re easy to carry around on vacation and they don’t lay on you and make you hot! Love to make shawls out of laceweight or fingering. Shawls are a bonus because I can still wear them in the summer, but the socks tend to be put aside for fall and winter.

  22. I think my new favourite thing to knit in the summer will be socks, in the blends (wool-cotton-elastic) that I’ve just picked up on sale! Portable projects… easy to put down without losing track… light, muggy climate-friendly knitting – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  23. I am also a wooly shawlette summer knitter– I migrate towards laceweight in the summer and bulkier yarns in the winter. But! I’m tempted to try my hand at knitting with linen…
    Here in Australia autumn is in full swing, but maybe I’ll try in a few months :)

  24. I love your fibers and the colors are so, so ~happy~. However, I live in the deep south and rarely get to wear wool even in Jan/Feb. I couldn’t begin to think of wool at this time of year ~ will be in the mid-80s today. So I knit mosty in cotton and linen, some wool blends that are less than 45% wool, but only for scarves. But today I am lusting after your new Snapdragon light fingering. . .perhaps.

  25. I don’t have one specific thing I like to knit in the summer, other than a gift for my mom’s birthday. She’s gotten shawls, fingerless gloves, and one big ol’ Aran sweater. I don’t think I’ll do that again. Not in June, anyway.

    Some wool laceweight is always a good time in the summer, I think. Ok, it’s a good time year-round.

  26. My go-to summer knit is, not surprisingly, socks! They’re just the perfect year-round project. This year I might try branching out to some other fingering weight projects, too.

  27. I’ve only been knitting constantly for the last two years, and I’m trying to think what I normally knit during the summer. Last summer I believe it was several felted items and fingerless gloves. I used simple merino wool for the felting and a cotton/bamboo yarn for the gloves. This spring I discovered that I’m loving shawls and charts! Fantastic right?! I’m playing with wools that I already have, but recently purchased a lovely cotton. Can’t wait to cast on!

  28. This is my first summer as a serious knitter and I’m finding that it’s all about the lacy shawls. I never would have thought of myself as a “shawl person” but I love them!

    I also love animal fibers with a deep and abiding passion. Wool especially is so sturdy and useful and soft, I could happily knit with it for the rest of my life.

  29. My favorite thing to knit during the summer if my Christmas present for my family. By starting early I have a much better chance of not spending christmas eve knitting my finace’s stocking….

  30. My favorite thing to knit in the summer is hats and shawls. I love wool year round. I may try and make something a bit lacier if I want to wear it in the summer but there are plenty of nighttime breezes that need shawls–even in summer.

  31. i love to knit socks usually in a wool/nylon blend. Socks are easy to cart about and not a project that’s large or heavy which would make me too warm in our hopefully warm up and coming summer.
    But….truthfully, i can be swayed to different fibers if the colour is right. Love, love, love colour!

  32. I mainly crochet actually, thought I dabble in knitting, and I only crochet with wool (for me it doesn’t seem worth the time or effort to make something out of acrylic or any other sort synthetic) and I have just spent the summer that’s gone (I’m down in Australia) making fingerless gloves, which are now coming in handy. I hadn’t really thought about it, but they are good to make in summer too, as many have said, because it means you’re not burying yourself in a mound of wool.

  33. My projects aren’t seasonally based however I’ve been on a shawl kick lately. I think I have about 3 shawls in the works and I find them to be so portable. I also don’t change my fiber habits by season. So typically wool or a combo of wool and silk.

  34. I’ll bite! My favorite summer knit is really anything, like you. I know people who “don’t knit during summer” which I think is so weird. I guess I’d be less likely to sit in the hot weather and knit something that’s large enough to cover my lap. Fiber doesn’t matter either, but I’m really excited to try mohair as soon as I finish up some projects.

  35. Fantastic pattern. I have been eyeing your yarn and all I have to say is YUM!
    My favorite thing to knit in the summer is socks. Lightweight and portable.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  36. In Summer I will usually be found knitting hats and longies for the coming cooler months. Although it is Autumn here now and I am still knitting hats as everyone seems to have grown out of last years.

  37. I love knitting socks in the summer, out of any kind of fibre, or lightweight shawls in fingering-weight wool, mostly because I don’t like heavy, hot projects sitting on my lap!

  38. I love knitting hats in the summer… Cascade prima cotton or any cotton for that matter. I would love to knit your shawl and your finger weight yarn look sooo yummy. thanks for the great give away.

  39. I should start on my holiday gift knitting, but instead, I’ve decided to work on a few sweaters for myself this summer.

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