never spun falkland winners

first of all, i’d like to thank everyone for entering!

falkland give-away winners

red/pink/purple goes to kristyn over at pleasurecraft.
her favorite fiber is “lovely local mohair locks spun uncarded or the bouncy farm raised border leicester from my friend janice.”

yellow/red/orange goes to rose over at rose unraveled. her current favorite fiber: california red!

yellow/green goes to sarah (comment 26). her favorite fiber so far has been cormo.

blue/purple/green goes to rachel (comment 7). she had this to say about her favorite fibers: as far as ease of spinning goes, I like bfl. but overall, my favorite fiber is alpaca!

i had a really fun time reading what your favorites are. i love that spinners come in so many shapes and sizes and interests and textures :) if you want to read everyone’s favorites, you can do so here. really, all the responses make me want to spin EVERYTHING! in sight, but alas. carpal tunnel. boo.

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