the never spun falkland give-away

hi friends!  it is my plan to run a few more give-aways before my babe decides to make an appearance some time in june. so here’s the second one.

the last was for designers, this one is for spinners.  don’t worry knitters, there will be one for you too!  but this time i would like to spread the falkland love!

the rules:
-you must be a spinner or want to be a spinner
-you must tell me if you’ve ever spun falkland wool from a bleach and chemical free source or not
-you must comment upon this post by 9 PM eastern time on Sunday the 8th and tell me what your favorite fiber to spin has been so far

there will be 4 winners this time (see the 4 photos).  anyone who has never spun falkland from a chemical free source will have a chance at all 4, those who have spun it before will be entered in the drawing for 2.  each winner will receive a 2 oz bundle of my hand dyed falkland wool, complied of at least 2 colorways, to be spun as you see fit. the winners will be drawn by random number generator and announced on monday the 9th.

this is the same falkland that i dye for my shop and for the falkland fiber club.

41 thoughts on “the never spun falkland give-away

  1. I’ve never spun falkland at all, let alone from a chemical-free source. I have trouble picking favorites of anything, and favorite fibers is no exception. I have been really enjoying spinning BFL lately, though.

  2. Ooooh pretty! I was in your club once and LOVED the falkland! I’m not sure what my favorite is… Its a toss up between that, merino, and targhee. I like the wools that come out super squishy!

  3. I just starting spinning about two weeks ago, when I purchased a spinning wheel. I have never spun with chemical-free Falkland. In fact, I have only spun a few fibers so far, but my favorite was a 70/30 Merino/Silk blend, which was smooth and soft to the touch and spun up nicely. I would love to try a new fiber.

    Thanks for your give-away, and good luck to you!

  4. Well, I’ve obviously spun lots of bleach and chemical free falkland since I’ve been in your falkland club many times!
    A favorite, I can’t say, because it depends on what I’m wanting it for. For pure joy of spinning, probably BFL. For squishy bounce, Falkland. For socks, Wensleydale or Cheviot. For shine, a silk/merino or silk/bfl blend, or just silk.

  5. I have never spun anything! I am dying to spin, but my Schact Ladybug is sitting in my local spinning store waiting for me to pay it off so I can bring it home. I am in your fiber club, so I am anticipating spinning some wonderful chemical free wool as soon as I get my wheel :o)

  6. I have never spun Falkland fiber or chemical-free Falkland fiber. Am an old spinner, who loves your patterns, yarns, color sense.
    Happy baby! (We had 6!)

  7. hello! I have never spun falkland before, period. as far as ease of spinning goes, I like bfl. but overall, my favorite fiber is alpaca!

  8. I’ve only spun falkland once before, though I doubt it was from a bleach/chemical-free source.

    My favorite fiber? That’s tough. I really like BFL, merino, and blends of those with silk. Oh, and Targhee. Loved that the one time I spun it.

  9. No, I’ve never spun falkland, much less bleach and chem free. So far, I’m in love with BFL because it makes my job so easy as a spinner. It nearly spins itself (and I’m lazy :P ). I also like merino because it’s not hard either. I despise romney. I spin it to be a hairy yarn.

  10. I have spun Falkland before, but never un-treated. I think my favorite thing to spin right now is wool/silk blends. 80/20 is fine. Just enough silk to allow for spinning super thin with a nice sheen. But who knows, that could change tomorrow! :)

  11. I have spun Falkland once, but it wasn’t untreated. I loved spinning it, though I would love try to yours! I also love bfl and merino.

  12. I’ve never spun Falkland of any kind but I love trying new fibers! I think my favorite fiber has been a bundle of local farm CVM roving that I bought from your shop! It had a totally different feel to it than the commercial rovings I usually buy & made a gorgeous rustic looking yarn.

  13. Oooh. So pretty! I’ve never spun any falkland, either, and I was just thinking that I want to get my wheel out later. This is beautiful! My favorite spin so far is still BFL; something about its strength and shine really gets me. I bought some romney and some jacob, though, and I’m super pumped to try them. Something new is always exciting!

  14. hi, i don’t believe i’ve ever spun falkland before, and therefore definitely not bleached or chemical free falkland.
    i am a big fan of spinning merino, i also found bfl a breeze to spin.
    thanks for the chance!

  15. I have spun Falkland before–from your fiber club–and I like it a lot! But my favorite to spin is BFL, I think. Just so smooth and buttery. Your Falkland’s a close second though. I reeeeaaaaallly hope I win, because I miss spinning your wool! One day I’ll be less broke and back in the club. :) Congrats on the baby, by the way!

  16. I want to learn to spin! I don’t spin yet.

    I have never spun with chemical free anything. :(

    I don’t have a favorite fiber to spin but I LOVE knitting with wool!!!

  17. I am a spinner, and have never spun falklands wool before.. but have often dreamt of/wanted to.
    the photos of your dyed rovings are so luscious, i truly have my fingers crossed for this giveaway!!

    • oops, forgot to say that my favourite spinning fiber is some lovely local mohair locks spun uncarded or the bouncy farm raised border leicester from my friend janice.

  18. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for being so generous!

    I’ve never spun Falkland, although I do have some regular falkland (which I assume is not chemical/bleach free)

    I think my favourite spin is Corriedale. I learned to spin with Corriedale, and I still love how it spins up. (although… I should really branch out beyond merino blends!!)

  19. That fibre looks gorgeous! Not only have I never spun Falkland from a chemical free source, I have never spun Falkland before. My favourite fibre to spin is alpaca, even though it gets over everything including all food that I am about to eat.

  20. I’m just beginning to spin with a drop spindle and I’m having so much fun. Of course the first few rounds have been pretty inconsistent as far as weight goes. Right now I think I’m using merino top, but I bought it so long ago I can’t remember. I was given a kit from your store years ago, but can’t recall what fiber it was. So I’m not sure if I’ve used Falkland before. But your chemical free dyes are so brilliant and cheery.

  21. I’ve never spun Falkland at all. I’m not sure if I’ve even seen any.

    I’m working on some fiber right now that is pretty nice, so I checked the label to see what it was. It says “100% wool”. Helpful, isn’t it?

  22. I’m a spinner! I’m still fairly new at it though.

    I’ve never spun any kind of falkland before.

    My favorite to spin so far is merino!

  23. Hi Cosy! Hope all is well with you and bebeh-to-be!! I am a spinner as you know, and I’ve spun Falkland, but never chemical or bleach free. I have a hard time deciding between BFL, Shetland or merino/tencel for my favorite spin! Depends what mood I’m in, I guess!

  24. I have never spun falkland (from an unbleached source).

    As for favourite fibre- i think it would have to be cormo.

  25. No I have never spun Falkland at all let alone from an unbleached source. I’m new to spinning but my favorite fibers that I’ve spun so far are BFL and Alpaca.

  26. I’ve never spun falkland! I’ve spun chemical free wools because I’ve prepared them myself from raw, but I don’t think I’ve ever had chemical free dyed falkland. My favorite fiber to spin with California Red right now!

  27. I am actually spinning some falklands from Gwen right now, but I have no idea if its chemical/bleach free! I have the worst time picking a favorite *anything* but I’d have to say alpaca that I picked up straight from the farm (and met the alpaca it came from). I have actually been trying to figure out my favorite because Im going to MD Sheep and Wool tomorrow and will be faced with many decisions :)

  28. I am not a spinner, however, tomorrow I am taking my first spinning class. I am thrilled. So, I’m new at this and I can say that i have never worked with Falkland fibers. thanks!

  29. What a great giveaway! I’ve spun some of your Falkland before (yum). I also have a lot of trouble picking favorites, but I think I had the most fun with some Polwarth I tried a few months ago. Good luck to everyone!

  30. I am a handspinner and spin on both a wheel and a spindle. I have never spun Falkland from any source and would love to try it. My current fave is Mohair. I buy a lot of farm wool from local sources, mostly Alpaca, Corriedale, Icelandic and Mohair. Falkland would be a new fiber for me.

  31. I also have never spun with this wool and would dearly love to try it. As for favourites I dont have any as I am a newbie at spinning. Love the colours though!

  32. I consider myself a new spinner – and obsessed! I have only spun bfl and your fiber which I think was faulkland and I preferred it. I love knowing my fibers dont contain harsh chemicals.

  33. This is very generous of you, thanks!
    I’m quite a new spinner and I’ve only ever spun with merino so by default that’s my favourite fibre! It also means I’ve not worked with Falkland, artificial chemical free or otherwise!

  34. Well, I don’t believe that I have ever spun Falkland ever, at all! My favorite fibre so far…hmmm…maybe Shetland. Or Rambouillet. I am a fleece girl myself. I like to wash and card a fleece, it’s so cool to be able to really get to know the fibre.

  35. I have spun your Falkland before (part of the fiber club, plus a custom job), and it’s quite lovely. :) My favorite, though? Probably alpaca–it’s sooooo baby-soft.

  36. Hi Cosy! I popped on over here from Ravelry, cause you favorited a pair of handspun socks I knitted. And what do I see, Falkland give away!

    I love spinning Falkland, but i’ve never tried chemical/bleach free before.

    My favourite fiber, tough one…I love Falkland, Shetland and the long wools! Romney, Masham, Wensleydale, nom.

    Good luck with the bebe!


  37. I’ve never spun Falkland at all, let alone beautiful, chemical free, hand dyed Falkland.

    I tend to spin from fleece and I really like alpaca. I think that’s because it’s what I learned to spin with.

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