give-away: knitgrrl guide

first, thanks for all of the sweet comments on my 32 weeks post!  they definitely made my day.

now on to business.  a very generous friend* of mine passed this book on to me and i thought i’d pay it forward to the next lucky person.

this book has lots of good information in it and is a very interesting read. and it’s the only one of it’s kind.  so if you’re interested in stepping up and being a designer yourself, if you’re just vaguely interested in the process of what it takes, or if you just want to read the interviews, comment on this post!  you can read amazon reviews here.

you have until thursday evening at 10 eastern time to comment.  i’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner.

p.s. all that said about this guide, i still am a total slacker designer who follows little to none of these very good suggestions.

p.p.s. and speaking of breaking rules, i’ve been knitting simple things.  the wrist braces are great.  the project i really want to get done?  lace.  can’t do that.  but i can knit!  hurrah!

*the friend who went skinny dipping with me at SOAR, if you must know :)

38 thoughts on “give-away: knitgrrl guide

  1. This is one of the books I have been eying for some time now. Now that I am (finally) graduating, it seems like a good time to figure out how to design my own projects.

  2. I’m very interested. I have a dream of chucking it all and being a knitwear designer and yoga teacher. Here’s to dreams.

  3. I’d just like to design a few things for my daughter…the ideas are in my head but I’m not really sure of how to go about getting it on the needles! What a great idea for a book.

  4. ahhh giveaways of really really sweet looking books are always the way to get me to unlurk.. (ps. I’m glad the wrist splints are working out. I had no idea that pregnant woman were prone to getting carpel tunnel..)

  5. i’d love to be entered into this drawing. <3 I've been on a huge cardigan kick, and i'd love to learn how to make my own. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Someday I’ll be a designer. For now I just pretend – you know, take a pattern that I kinda like and change it. :) But, my favorite knitting books are the ones that make that little designer in me want to break free. :)

  7. Knitwear design?! Skinny dipping?! Holla!

    You look beautiful, btw, mamalady. Can’t wait to blow that babe some kisses via the Intertubes.

  8. I’ve love to design but, sadly, am still waiting for inspiration to strike. I think I’d be good at tech editing, though, so this book still interests me. Thanks for the giveaway (and I love the new tee)!

  9. I am pretty good at “improving” patterns but am at a loss when it comes to designing from scratch. i NEED this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. I’ve heard about this book but your post is my first glimpse of it so count me in. And congratulations on spring arriving in PA. It was snowing this morning when I was walking back from taking my son to school. Sigh.

  11. I would love to be entered in this drawing. So far, I’ve just done modifications, would appreciate advice on how to go from there to design.

    Also wanted to say that I saw your comment that you want to start knitting lace, I had trouble beginning lace and, after I failed on a few patterns, my daughter had great advice/insight on helping me chose easy, complete-able patterns, so write to me if you’d like me to pass on her advice.

    I am currently knitting a lace shawl with the beautiful hand dyed I bought from you at the Pittsbugh Handmade Arcade, it’s a light green. The pattern I’m using is Photosynthesis, the yarn is really, really pretty for it, it’s beautifully dyed!

  12. Booked Arrived ! I will be doing a review later today, it looks amazing Ms. Cosy. Everything I heard seems to be true to form. Thank you for the great giveaway!

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