32 weeks!

and i had to show off my new t-shirt. i’d been lusting after this shirt for a while, but wasn’t going to buy it. and then, she was at handmade arcade and i couldn’t spend all day in the same room with this tee and not be wearing it.

could not resist.

so i bought it and immediately put it on :D it makes me happy and cracked people at the craft fair up… although the non-crafty folk i know don’t seem to really get it.

32 weeks!

and with 32 weeks, i am certainly bigger! and i can’t knit too much now. i’ve some carpal tunnel symptoms (effects 25% of pregnant women), which should go away post birthing when the hormones get back to normal. sadly, it will make this blog a bit boring for the next month or two, but so be it. there should be plenty of dyeing to show you and i’m planning a couple of give-aways.

the not knitting is a bit tortuous.  these have been on the coffee table waiting for me and the longer they sit there together the more i want to knit them together.  which i’m not allowed to do.  we’ll see if i can resist. we’re lucky i don’t know the sex, or i’d be trying to knit them into a blanket or something.  as it is, i’m being good.

i want to knit.

12 thoughts on “32 weeks!

  1. Why don’t you try weaving? I find it boring and just passing the shuttle (?) through shouldn’t cause too much movement in your wrists!

  2. I second the weaving – perhaps you can borrow a rigid heddle loom? Or maybe spining? Although, that gave me cramps in my feet sometimes when I was last pregnant.

    Happy spring!

  3. I couldn’t knit when I was pregnant with my son. I got maybe 4 inches of his blanket done, and had to finish it after he was born. That was great, actually, because I had the My Brest Friend, and knit a TON while nursing (all he wanted to do was eat). Now I am pregnant with my daughter (36 weeks) and don’t have carpal tunnel! Go figure!

  4. I LOVE that shirt — and you look fantastic!!!! I can’t believe you’re already 32 weeks. We let Maureen’s gender be a surprise,too. I did pretty good until the last month, then I was dying to know. Do you have a feeling one way or the other? I’m really excited for you guys!!! :)

    I was tempted to get this shirt I saw that said something like “abstinence is 99.9% effective” when I was expecting. Maybe next time…if there is a next time…

  5. Happy (almost) May Cosy! I love this shirt, and getting an updated photo of the round you :) Let me know what is on your baby-gift wish list — I’m thinking that you and Sharon will want LARGER size useful baby clothes (for after all the cute shower clothes are grown out of) so I’ll go shopping after your new children are born. — Julianne :)

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