your socks…

are my baby pants. what i mean is, they come in twos. i knit one, memorize the pattern, and then, when i accidentally have nothing else to knit, i find some yarn and cast on for a second. especially if i need to take knitting somewhere with me – kind of like the sock that everyone else i know takes with them.


these two are both from the book knitting wool diapers covers from start to finish by maggie broderick. maggie lives two blocks from me and i taught her how to spin yarn. she’s also expecting her third babe.  thanks for the great pattern maggie!

rainbow baby pants

peruvia longies

butt gusset! if i’ve learned anything from knitting gear for the baby’s bottom, it’s that short rows and gussets can be knit in many many ways. it makes me want to buy more longie patterns just to see how they all differ.

butt gussets

the peruvia ones are size medium, and the grey ones are shorter legged larges.  i ran out of grey.

useful and addictive.  expect more.

rainbow longies raveled here. peruvia longies raveled here.

17 thoughts on “your socks…

  1. I have the “Picky Pants” pattern memorized and they are definitely my go-to knitting for on the go. I am not much of a sock knitter, so that is my “sock”, too. :)

    • these ones are meant to be soakers because they have the short rows in the butt – if someone’s not cloth diapering, you can knit them without all the short rows.

  2. So cute! I have been loving all of your soakers and longies! And you know what I say? Keeping knitting more! More everything. While I was pregnant, I knit 4 pairs of longies for my son (and I thought that was a lot!). Do you know how many I have knit since then (a year ago)? Zero :( My time for sitting and knitting has just about completely disappeared. I still squeeze in some knitting time but its not the same. I have definitely wished that I knit more pants and sweaters for him in every size and color back when I had tons of free time. Plus, they look absolutely adorable on, you just can’t have too many :)

  3. None of my friends have used cloth diapers with their children, so I feel like I’m a pioneer woman. Glad to know you’re going to be using them too. You are inspiring me to start knitting soakers and longies for Maureen. Maybe then I’ll be brave enough to leave her in cloth diapers overnight. :)

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