1950’s soakers

so. just to forewarn, this will not become a baby blog. but i am still going to show you everything i knit and when the baby comes, i’m sure we will need some baby in knits photos. today i want to show you some things my mom knit.


1950s good housekeeping soakers

unfortunately out of superwash, because the lady at the yarn store didn’t know what she was talking about. but whatever, the babe will wear these as diaper covers, if i can’t get them to work well as soakers.

1950s good housekeeping soakers

super cool because they’re from good housekeeping patterns from the 1950s.  being a sucker for knitting history, i’m certainly tempted to try some vintage patterns for these myself. thanks mom!  i love them.

p.s. and if you’re interested – a 24 week belly pic and the set with all the belly pics.

11 thoughts on “1950’s soakers

  1. Knitting and babies go hand-in-hand. And I for one, love that you’re sharing about the impending arrival to fill those soakers! So don’t stop talking about the baby stuff. Can’t wait! ;-)

  2. The second one looks very similar to the Milo Soaker from Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits (did you know she is due in May as well?) Very cool to see an original!

  3. I for one do not mind if your blog becomes overrun with baby things! I enjoy seeing all the cute little soakers, sweaters, booties, etc. How cool that these are from a vintage pattern!

  4. Superwash wool will work for your soakers–they just won’t be as bulletproof as natural wool. Use the superwash soaker with a fluffy diaper (kissaluv 0 is my fav for tiny babies) and you should be fine.

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