charcoal alpaca socks

last time i made my dad socks, they were apparently not warm enough for him! they also might have been a bit too wild ;) so this year, he got ultra alpaca socks for christmas.

dad's socks

dad's socks

i used The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. easy peasy. and super warm. they’ll be great for steelhead fishing in idaho, which is what he uses them for.

that said, i don’t know if i’ve ever sung the praises of this book. i love it. it was one of the first books that i knit from that opened up the doors for me to do whatever i wanted (i.e. design!) and helped me to do it. i don’t recommend it as an exclusive book, but it combined with other patterns lead me to understand so much about the math of knitting and shaping of garments.  for instance, the hat pattern in the book comes in way too fast for most hats i want to knit, but if you knit other patterns along side it, you understand that there are many many ways for hats to decrease.  once you figure out how to read it, you have schematics (super helpful) and patterns for every size mitten, sock, vest, etc.  that you could want.  brilliant.  truly brilliant.

raveled here.

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