newborn soakers

i made 2 newborn wool soakers for the impending using the curly purly pattern. they’ll be outgrown so quickly that i figured two would last me, along with other misc diapers covers i have and my plan to make at least one wrap style soaker.  that said, we’ll see.  i really have no idea what i’m doing ;)

the blue is a soft wool single from the stash and the green is wool with a bit of alpaca.  raveled here.

newborn soaker

this one is a mishmash of yarn: the trim is stash, the rest are hand dyed by me and the bright yellow stripe in the middle is handspun.  raveled here.

newborn soaker

p.s. tomorrow’s update will be the published crossbow hat pattern.

10 thoughts on “newborn soakers

  1. I hope your baby’s “output” is not as vigorous as ours was during the first month. We only really had a couple of real poop blowouts. But we were changing her diapers constantly to keep up with her. We used disposables for the first month in order to stay sane. But Maureen has been slightly less intense lately, so we made the switch to cloth diapers this week. It’s going well. As long as we change her about once every hour to hour-and-a-half, otherwise she gets over-saturated. Since starting cloth diapers, her diaper rash has cleared up completely. Yay, healthy bottom! A good piece of advice we got from Robb’s cousin: put baby in disposables at night so baby “feels” drier and mommy gets all the sleep she can. :)

    • …I was assuming that you made soakers because you are planning to use cloth diapers, but that might not be the case. They will be adorable little butt warmers over any kind of diaper! :)

      • yup. cloth diapering. i’m even hoping to from the very beginning, since i doubt we’re destined to have any baby under 7 lbs. and oh yes, i’ve heard you have to change the first month at least every 2 hours! should be crazypants, to say the least :)

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