i remember when i was young, there was always a hedgehog stuffed animal somewhere in the front of my mom’s car.  due to said hedgehog(s), i was inspired this year to make some hedgehog gifts.


this big football shaped one is for my mom. hand dyed recycled sweater wool. the pattern is ysolda teague’s smith. i think the babe might need one of these, if for no other reason just because it will be almost as big as the baby itself.  also, these are totally my mom’s colors.  raveled here.


the smaller guy, for katie, is from this pattern. so cute! the main body of this one is also hand dyed recycled sweater wool. raveled here.


and the turtle was originally blogged here.  but now with eyes!  i found subtle eyes looked much better than high contrast ones.



i also sent each of our mom’s a skein of my snapdragon worsted.

and for added cuteness: baby foot! have a great weekend :)

4 thoughts on “hedgehogs!

  1. They are all so cute!! I particularly love the small hedgehog with his pointy snout. I think I might need to make one of these for my niece who is due in June.

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