christmas hats

since none of the younger men in our families would ever consider going to this blog, i think it’s safe to show these before i mail them off.  you’ll have to wait for the parent’s presents until they get them though.

the first two hats are for my brother
i made this one up

lester's christmas hat

lester's christmas hat

i was thinking these decreases might be fun and new, but to me they look almost sewn like a store bought hat. it makes me laugh, but looks fine. on ravelry here.

and a botanic. i’ll use this fun pattern again, maybe for a hat for my dad.  ben probably needs one too.



this one came out a bit tight, so i sprayed it with water and made ben wear it around to block it out a bit. it worked very well. on ravelry here.

and lastly, one for ben’s brother in AK – the crossbow hat. this pattern will hopefully be published soon, but i’ve got to get this version off.



he actually wears a hat i made him before a lot, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for 40 below! or so he claimed. so i used ultra alpaca in this one to make it warmer. hope he likes it.  on ravelry here.

now, it is fiber arts saturday over here and a whole wack of knitters and spinners will be showing up this afternoon, so i must be off to make squash soup and tidy things up.  have a great weekend!

p.s. yesterday i hit the halfway point in my pregnancy. if you’d like to see the most recent pic of the belly, it’s here. if you’d like to compare it to 12 and 16 weeks, that set is here. i’ve become much much more round in the last two weeks!  i also felt the baby 2 days ago.  so fun.

6 thoughts on “christmas hats

  1. Awesome hats! The red and gray striped one reminds me of spiderman (my personal favorite comic book hero). I’m excited for the fiber get together. Gotta make some bruschetta and then I’ll be heading over! :)

  2. Ooh.. I really love the last hat- the colors you chose are great! Congratulations on the impending sproglet- your halfway belly picture looks wonderful & I love your shirt!

  3. I remember very well the first time I felt my baby move! So so so exciing! Congrats for the half way point. And enjoy this time in the pregnancy. The middle trimester was my fave part.

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