hi everyone,
just stopping by to let you know that i’m the featured artist today on the blog Transpositions. if you haven’t been reading this blog for very long, you may not know that it started as a way to keep track my Masters in Christian Studies in Christianity and the Arts at Regent College, which was a show of knitwear.  if you enjoy my post on transpositions here are some more pages to check out:

-all the posts marked thesis on this blog
thesis show write up – the short and quick answer to the question what my thesis was all about
-the photos on flickr

pour vous

these pages include lots of knitting history and many thoughts on theology and knitting – as well as the physical knit objects.

it’s interesting how this blog has changed as i transitioned into claiming my place as a full time artist. i had more time as a student and was reading lots of knitting history to share, pondering the depths of knitting and community. i still think about the same things, i’ve just already said them here. so now you get lots of pretty pictures of woolie stuff.  plus, i must pay the bills.

p.s. i also recommend watching the blog Transpositions all week long – it’s domestic crafts week!  and there should be some great posts ranging from preserves, to cooking, to quilts, to radical homemaking.  i’ll also be responding to comments on my post over there, so feel free to comment.

10 thoughts on “transpositions

  1. I was actually looking through your thesis set on flickr a few days ago. When I first found out your thesis for a master in Christians studies had to do with knitting, I was fascinated. I wish you had written a big long paper on it just because I’d like to read it, but I also love that the knitting itself stands on its own.

  2. Ok, last comment for the day, I swear. Since you have a baby on the way I think you should check out the book Woolbur. It’s a picture book about a little sheep and all things wool related and mostly about a kid who is happy to be himself. I got it for my son’s upcoming birthday and I enjoyed reading it myself, can’t wait to share it with him too.

  3. Congratulations Cosy! I really like this blog. How neat to be able to explore fibre and craft as a full-time venture… at least until the new baby comes along.
    Cheers, Anne

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