new colors

snapdragon worsted

1 lb (4 skeins) red and green, 2 lbs (8 skeins) all others except the blue which is just 2 skeins

snapdragon worsted

rainbow chard light

3 skeins of each color

rainbow chard light

hand dyed lamb’s pride bulky (which i don’t think i’ve dyed since last year at this time…)

3 skeins of most, 2 of the purple/blue

dyed lamb's pride bulky

and still up and coming to dye before pgh knit and crochet – 40 skeins of rainbow chard, which i am currently out of! and 20 skeins of snapdragon light fingering and 10 of the sport.

p.s. my current knitting (besides xmas knits) is a jonah sweater in snapdragon sport to use as a sample at the festival. even better? it can then be for the impending :)

p.p.s. there’s a 16 wk belly shot along with the 12 wk in this set on flickr, if you’re interested.

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