wool pants

or, as ben calls them, pantaloons.  i, myself, prefer the term bloomers.  also, the first three knits i’ve intentionally made for the impending. all of these are variations on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s baby leggings pattern.  easy peasy and easy to memorize, which is exactly what i need when i’m dyeing wool.

baby leggins!

first up, a full size pair.  i made minor changes to all of these.  these have 49 stitch legs instead of continuing to shape.  lots of different kinds of wool in these ones!  i also left off the holes for the tie and made the ribbing longer.  rav link.

rainbow chard soaker

second i made these out of rainbow chard scraps.  they’re a bit bigger due to the aran weight yarn.  hopefully the babe won’t decide to potty train itself at bit more than one year old like i did!  then again, hopefully it will?  anyhow, i’m going to use them as a sample of rainbow chard for the yarn shows coming up.  rav link.

neon soaker

and lastly a neon pair made with snapdragon worsted – out of what was left over from this hat.  plus handspun bands and some commercial wool for the stripes.  rav link.

so fun!  the real question is will the babe have more pants than sweaters when all is said and done?  we’ll see.

9 thoughts on “wool pants

  1. Love the stripes! We’re firm believers in striped and wooled babies around here. Remember the time we stopped at Bev’s Bloomers and were so disappointed when they sold flowers instead?

  2. Okay, I am crying uncle over my pants. I’ve been holding up Henry’s old pants to see if I can get the waist to leg length proportion right, and it all looks so out of whack…and I ripped back and shortened the waist after I realized I was making pants for Ed Grimley. How long did you make your long pair and what size do you think they are?

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