goings on.

my mom sent these for ben’s birthday.  i’ve had the leather bottoms for years with the intention of making them, but she was way more likely to come through. each slipper literally goes from my elbow to my fingertips.  now to felt them. i made ben guess what one was when i pulled it out of the box, and his final guess was for the baby. hee hee.

big slipper

i’m still knitting on those christmas knits, as well as spinning. currently, i’m working on 8 oz of this targhee/mohair blend from my Farm Wool Fiber Club. the skeins will be added to the handspun stash for the yarn shows.


and on christmas day, i couldn’t help but start knitting the first intentional item for the impending – EZ’s baby leggings. my project is on rav here.  i see myself making more of these since the pattern is pretty easy to memorize.

EZ baby leggings

unfortunately, i cannot show you the xmas knits since my mom frequents this space. this week i’m catching up on emails, organizing all the stuff i have going on in january and then dyeing!

hope you had a very woolie, warm christmastime, and that it continues into the new year.

5 thoughts on “goings on.

  1. I gotta say–those leggings are adorable. And my son has worn his 2 winters in a row–up to his arm pits and cuffed at the bottom last year, and more like normal pants this year. Only brilliant EZ could design a baby knit that fits for 2 years! And lengthened a little, I’m confident they’d fit next year too.

  2. Make sure if you are using them for cloth diapering that you add plent of short rows to the bum. I use 4-5 total. I am not sure what the EZ pattern calls for.

  3. I’ve never tried her pattern. They look plenty big though. Chances are that her pattern was made to fit over a cloth diaper anyway, huh? I kind of forget that it was the norm when she was writing patterns. LOL

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