the wool

the craft fairs are done. today i’m mailing december’s fiber club. and now it is time to organize myself for the next batch of things. being the holidays and all, i’m having difficulty actually seeing these through at the moment, set aside for finding clothing that fit my new body, cooking fun foods, tidying the house, and hanging out with friends. but here’s the current wool in my life:

there is christmas knitting that i’m hoping to have it all done by mid january and in the mail – here’s a peek (and in case you don’t know, i always knit my gifts after the craft fairs are over)

xmas knitting

and it’s cold out, so i’ve been wearing these, so warm! they were a sample from last year at this time that i swore would be mine this winter

subtle stripes mittens

and knitting a shawl out of some yarn i over-dyed – this was unbelievably ugly before, and i am so pleased with how it turned out


there will (hopefully) be a shop update on wednesday – yarns that aren’t in there yet


i am spinning for the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet in february and Homespun Yarn Party in march (this one is falkland fiber club Rocket plied with top dyed in a variety of oranges)

rocket plus oranges

i’m also pondering samples of some of my yarns for the shows

sprout detail

and, before and during the craft fairs, i was spinning for myself – shetland singles, also fiber club colorway, due to be a lace scarf that i’m not letting myself start designing yet

shetland singles

and lastly, i must dye! i’m going to try some sweater lots, which may or may not work.

hope you all are having a warm woolie holiday also :)

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