Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland

this weekend i will be in cleveland with all the normal craft fair fare –  the yarn, the hats, the book… and with my friend gwen for company.  it should be a fun show and you should come see us if you’re around.  click here for details of the show.

here’s a flashback photo from the last time gwen and i were there together… 2 years ago.

bazbiz cleveland

look at all that handspun! i have a total of 3! skeins left for this show this year.

bazbiz cleveland

i’ll have to spin a bunch for the yarn shows in feb and march, that’s for sure. but i must say, i have loads of the hand dyed stuff, so it fills the spot.

2 thoughts on “Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland

  1. Weee! I’m excited! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since that trip. I just got all wiped out on yarn too. We’ve got spinning to dooooo!!

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