imagine knitting giveaway

with the onset of autumn turning into winter, all the knitters are churning out knit goods, casting on more than we can finish, and wearing our woolens with pride.  many knitters are thinking about what to knit and for whom, not just for the up-coming holidays, but because it is, indeed, wool season.  knitting season.  keep yourself, friends, loved ones, warm season.

initial publication on wednesday!

in celebration of the season, i’d like to give away 2 pdf copies of my new ebook.  to enter,

1) click over to ravelry to check out the patterns

2) then click back over to this post and comment, telling me what pattern you would make from the book and out of what.  your comment must be on this post – imagine knitting giveaway – in order to be counted.    use your imagination.  it could be for you, a friend, out of handspun that doesn’t exist yet, commercial yarn from your stash, just a vague color sense.  i want a description folks!

and in turn, i will give away a copy of the ebook pdf to two lucky folks.  i haven’t decided yet if i’m going to choose my favorite imagined projects or just random it, but imagine away.  this contest ends friday at 9 pm eastern time.

p.s. please note there are still 3 patterns pending that will be in the ebook – Bumble Vest, Croci Sweater, and Ripe Bananas Lap Blanket. they’re fair game for imagining too and should be out within the next few weeks.

39 thoughts on “imagine knitting giveaway

  1. Hey….cute patterns. I’d probably make the Baby Beau and use some handspun for the contrasting areas and commercial yarn for the main color. This way, the whole sweater won’t skew crazily if my spinning is a little funky. I don’t spin that often and never know what to do with what I’ve spun. This book is a great idea for items that can combine both handspun and commercial. I know of a few babies on the way. Actually, I think the sweater would be cute using a thick and thin in the contrasting areas…punching up the texture without overwhelming the baby in a sea of lumpy bumpy yarn. For a boy baby I’d probably do a medium blue with a light green in the contrast. For a girl, maybe two shades of purple, or an orange and yellow. For either gender a grey heather would be nice, using brighter colors for the contrast. Hmmm…..I think I need to go through my yarn stash.

  2. I will defiantly buy a copy. My mom is the knitter I gave your last book to her for Christmas. I think I’d want her to make the sweater vest for Mason and the fingerless gloves for me. Hope all is well.

  3. I love all the patterns, but I would knit Reflection hat, Harvest hat, corrugated tea cosy, Brussels sprout mittens, and Elevator mitts ALL with my own handspun yarn.
    I would knit the baby cardis as well, but don’t have any babies in the family. They are all totally cute!
    Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that I will be a lucky one in your draw. :o)

  4. I’d love to make the Baby Belle pattern for the next baby girl born to family or friends. I would make it with something like the King Cole Riot yarn in either Domino or Spark. Elegant but non-traditional colors for those of us who aren’t the pastel type and also easy care for the parents so they don’t have to worry about baby actually wearing it! I’d look for some fun, appropriate buttons to “baby” things up.

  5. I have plans to dye and spin up a brown color that I can stripe with the cosymakes fiber club in the Dry Leaf for the Croci sweater, unless the November or December batch matches it well enough I can use with it.

  6. Well, I have been meaning to make Erika a bigger Belle since she outgrew the gorgeous one that Julia made her. BUT the Croci sweater would probably steal my attention first. I have a lovely assortment of my handspun bits that would be put to good use in that sweater. It would be a rainbow! (Yes, if I was a better mom, I would use it for her belle… but we all need something to be in therapy for in our 20’s. LOL)

  7. I’m having my 3rd child in 2011. I would make a ‘Baby Beau’ with some Azul Malabrigo I’ve been hoarding, or if it is a little girl, with some NEW pink Malabrigo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I would LOVE to knit a Beau for my little guy – so love that it goes up to a 3T! I would knit it out of handspun CVM that I’ve handwashed and carded into batts – the main color would be this gorgeous bittersweet brown CVM and the stripes would be a blend of the bittersweet and cream (ohmigod, the cream is divine!) and the button band would be just the cream. The CVM is bouncy and springy and just to die for, and it would look great in a Beau!

  9. I would make the Reflections Hat–perhaps out of Terra and some Beaverslide that I have. Or perhaps, I could splurge and shop in the Cosymakes Shop.

  10. Oh – Beau and Belle – it’s so difficult to choose! I JUST found out I’m expecting again (you’re the first person I’ve told, besides my husband) and I want nothing more than to make a Baby Beau and a Baby Belle in anticipation (and a Belle for my daughter)!!! I have some recycled sweater yarn to use…

  11. Well, I have already admitted to you that I am obsessed with the tea cosy and can’t wait to get my tea pot back out of storage to make it. I am very hopeful that I will have enough of your yellow and green hand-dyed wool left over from the belle and beau (the patterns for which I also love…) to use for this project.

  12. Well, I’m already making a Beau out of handdyed teal and lavender llama/wool blend from a local farm, so I guess I have to come up with something else. My son Rhys is going to be a doll in that sweater, though. I just know it!

    My husband and I make a pot of tea every morning, so I definitely will make the tea cozy, with yarn spun from a Spunky Eclectic club fiber (February, bright pink, yellow, teal, called Tropic-oh la la or something) and also plain green-blue yarn spun from a DailyFiber roving. (DailyFiber is out of Murfreesboro, TN, gorgeous dyeing!) Once I spin down my stash some more, I hope to join one of your farm wool clubs!

    I really like your patterns, and am enjoying knitting Beau immensely! Thanks!

  13. Ah, the Bumble Vest is A-Dorable! And I would knit it for my nephew Colin who I am currently obsessed with. The body could be that lovely Marigold subtle stripes that in your shop right now, and the contrast color maybe a chocolaty brown color so his mommy wouldn’t accuse me of making Colin a little girl’s sweater….again. :)

  14. I would make the Corrugated Tea Cosy. I would use one solid colored yarn, and then I would like to try out a dying technique that a friend uses. What you end up with is sort of a saturation scale, on one end the yarn has a faint color, but as you work through the yarn the color becomes more saturated, and is thoroughly saturated at the other end. I would work with contrasting colors for max effect!

  15. I love all the patterns. If I had to chose right now I would make the bumble vest for my nephew out of some beautiful blue yarn since he is obessed with the color. Thanks for the giveaway

  16. I think I’d start with the fingerless mittens since my daughter moved to Maine this fall. I’d use some lovely hand dyed merino I won in another blog giveaway. It’s browns and blues and just waiting for a good project.

  17. Oh! How adorable.

    I have a yarnie/dyer friend who is expecting in May, but doesn’t yet know the baby’s gender. I think either Beau or the Bumble vest would be awesome in a gender-neutral colour pairing, and in fact I have some soft teal superwash fibre of hers on the spinning wheel right now.

    Bumble might be an especially appropriate gift, seeing as I go by Annie BEE!

  18. I would make Baby Beau using some handspun supperwask wool that I dyed myself (it was my first). I have been trying to find something to knit out of the yarn that I thought would show it off (it was like spinning snot it was so slick).
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Well there are lots of them that I would love to make and I have the ideas spinning through my head, but today when we got home I had a package in the mail–two braids of falkland that I just received from you (rebuttal and persnickety). So my son is really into wool these days–he likes to save leftover bits of yarn when I’m weaving in ends and snipping off extra and he also likes to save little tufts of wool (that I was using to stuff a doll I recently made). He puts everything in this little pouch for a “gnome” he is going to make one of these days (he likes to sit in my lap and hold the needles with me so he can knit).

    So back to today, he sees this open package on the table and peeks in and says, “Is that wool in there?” I said it was, and he asked if he could have a bit of it. I said, “Well, that wool is going to be used to make yarn.” And he said, “It will make BEAUTIFUL yarn!”

    So I think obviously I have to make something for him with that wool. It will depend on how thin I am able to spin it. If it is thin enough I may ply them together but if not I may have to choose just one color, or possible both of them in the same project but as separate yarns. And I think the obvious choice for him is the bumble vest. He has one vest that gets a lot of use because he tends to run warm so a full sweater is too much indoors. But a vest is perfect, it keeps his core warm but he doesn’t overheat. His current vest fits now but it definitely won’t fit much longer, so I’d like to knit him another one that is just big enough that he can wear it now but also wear it next spring and possibly fall.

    And now I am done with my ridiculously long comment.

  20. I would make the Gleaning Helmet hat, definitely (followed by the Ripe Bananas Blanket) For the hat i’m thinking I have some leftover handspun navy blue that i bought from a random sheep farm lady back in buffalo, plus the bright green Rainbow Chard i have. Wait, i’m going to go look at those colors together and see if it’s weird… I matched them up, it’s a little weird, but i’m going with it.

    for the blanket, and in a world where i have a lot of money, i would go on an etsy yarn buying spree. :)

  21. Your ebook is such a great idea !! I have tons of handspun still waiting for that “perfect” project, but it’s hard to use such small amounts sometimes.
    I’ve had plans for a baby Belle for a while now, I know I’d pick some of my prettiest skeins of handspun (thinking of a lot of purple/pinks/greens single ply with bits of silk in it) for one. I love the fact that you can mix your handspun with matching commercial yarn, = making the most of your handspun ! :-)
    PS: I like the mitts too, might have a go at them as well sometime :-P
    Oh and thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Hands down- I would make the reflection hat. Correction, I would make reflections hatS. They seem like the perfect kind of hats for gifts! I’ll probably be buying this beautiful book when it comes out!

  23. What a generous giveaway

    if I won the ebook I’d make baby belle for my six month old daughter. I haven’t knit anything for her yet. I’d love to spin yarn to make the sweater with. But, let’s face it, I barely have time to knit and if I added spinning to the mix I’d need to hire a nanny (which is soooooo out of my budget). So I’d buy a lovely washable handspun or handdyed yarn in a bold zesty color. Are any of your yarns machine washable??

    I’d also like to make the croci sweater for myself to use some of my own handspun that’s been languishing around.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway.

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  25. A few months ago, my girlfriend won a box full of roving balls in a rainbow assortment of colors at a silent auction. I’m planning on spinning up singles and plying two shades of the same color up together. I would spin up the two green colors (one is more of a kelly green, the other is on the yellow end of green) for the Brussels sprout mitts, which I love and are totally adorable. I think the finished yarn would look neat and suit the simple, clean lines of the pattern. And of course remind me of one of my favorite veggies: the Brussels sprout!

    I’ve also been thinking about making the reflection hat from some Juniper Moon Farms yarn in my stash. I have a nice medium blue with subtle variegations that would be the main color of the hat and a gorgeous blue-green variegated yarn that would make a *lovely* contrast color in this pattern.

  26. A friend has just found the gender of her first grandkid – baby boy! So Baby Beau it would be. (Or perhaps Beau, since this first grandkid is due in April, and will be smothered in all of the clothes that a first grandkid gets.)

  27. I’d love to make a croci sweater, out of some teal yarn I got in Paris, interspersed with some Spincycle multicolored yarn to keep it interesting! Looking forward to seeing the finished pattern.

  28. okay – so I’m thinkin’ the harvest hat using recycled yarn that I’ll get from frogging my grandma’s old peach scarf and some tigerlily handspun. May look pretty awesome striped together on that cute hat! :)

  29. I would make both the Harvest Hat and the Reflections hat in a mixture of beautiful handspun yarn as well as commerical yarn. Not to mention the Baby Beau cardigan for my brother’s baby due next month….in washable wool for my sister-in-law’s sake.

  30. I love all of the patterns! I would most definitely knit Baby Beau and Baby Belle because I have some baby knitting to do for relatives that are due in February 2011. One Cousin is expecting twins, a girl and a boy. The Second Cousin is expecting a girl. AI have some light pink Cascade 220 that would work for the baby girls. I’d like to find some purple shade for the neck,cuffs, and ruffle of one. My LYS has some Lang Tosca Light that stripes black and brown for the Baby Beau. I think that I would get enough to make the ruffle on the girl twin’s pink sweater. I would knit Brussels Sprout Mitts for myself! I have Some Cascade 220 #5011 which reminds me of harvest colors that I would love to have add a nice brown, black, or maybe even a shade of green for the stripes! I think that I have enough yarn to make the Gleaning Helmet Hat to match!!!

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