snapdragon permafrost and giveaway

my permafrost pattern.

snapdragon permafrost

snapdragon worsted yarn.

snapdragon permafrost

my project is on ravelry here.

this size large only took less than half of a skein! that means two adult sized hats out of one skein. awesome. if you’d like your own skein, you can see the skeins that i have available here.

snapdragon permafrost

but since I have one half of a skein left, what better thing to do than share the love? if you’d like the other half of this lovely skein and a copy of the permafrost hat pattern, comment on this post. you have until monday 10 pm eastern time to comment and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

permafrost yarn

73 thoughts on “snapdragon permafrost and giveaway

  1. well…after (ahem) i finish a certain lap blanket, i would love to knit this hat. i’m in love with that rusty reddish/orange, so if i were to win, i’d probably have to keep it. but this pattern looks fantastic, and i have a few potential holiday hat recipients in mind.

  2. I saw this on Ravelry this morning and immediately queued the pattern! Would love to win and get knitting that gorgeous color.

  3. I’s definitely love that hat for me. But I’d probably make it for my niece, who is freezing her oversized head/hair at college in Boston and asked me for warm handknit hats for her holiday gift. How can you not love a request like that, texted while walking across campus this week?

  4. This is one of your MANY hats that I admire. But I didn’t know you had yarn too – that could mean trouble for my yarn diet!

  5. Oooh, pretty! I love the colour and pattern both. I’m in the UK, so I don’t know if I’d be eligible, but I hope so!

  6. That yarn is so aptly named…it definitely looks like snapdragons…beautiful! And thank you for the thought to share half of your skein with us!!!

  7. I’ve been looking at that pattern for months now as well as your lovely yarns. This would be a great early Christmas present to myself if I were blessed enough to be chosen. *crossing fingers*

  8. Lovely colors! Your colors are always so luscious! (I like the patterns too, I’m anxious to start a Beau for my son, but I’m waiting until I finish his socks first…)

  9. It would be so cool to share a skein with you. I have been wanting to practice the cable stitch, always need hats for family and charity projects, and your yarns are lovely. All this Love rolled up in one give-away. Wonderful!


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