maryann’s seawoman hat

a handspun hat for a friend


in trade for a couple of pottery mugs that i drink out of all the time


i’d never embroidered over ribbing before, so i kept the stitches pretty loose and i think it turned out pretty well


love that big wood button.  on ravelry here.

p.s. here’s the november newsletter. it includes the list of holiday craft fairs that i’ll be at this year.

7 thoughts on “maryann’s seawoman hat

  1. I really love this hat. i never would have thought of embroidering over ribbing and the color is great. also, i made a lace scarf for my mom with the snapdragon worsted, it was a birthday present and i didn’t take a picture before i gave it to her, but i will try to get a pic. it turned out really nice and it was great to work with. :)

    • yay! glad the scarf turned out well. frankly, i had never thought to embroider over it before either, but this is the style of hat she wanted and i thought it would look awkward up above the ribbing.

  2. At first I was worried that the embroidery would mean you couldn’t fold down the brim. But really, I don’t ever fold down brims on hats, and I think it looks really cute!

  3. Hi Cosy, I seem to be having trouble trying to purchase some of your yarns .. can you give me the link to what is available please Sharon

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