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hey blog readers,
sorry i’ve been so spotty in my postings lately. here are the excuses ;)
the 8th and 9th i had to get fiber clubs dyed so i could mail them when i got back from rhinebeck.

the 10th i did the CROP walk and came down with a cold, so tried to shake that monday and tuesday. oh! and somewhere in the week before we had two hoses on our car blow which made for dramatic what-if-the-car-is-dead thoughts. the first one we got it towed, but ben fixed the second one.

from hope spinnery. destined for colorwork mitten design.
hope spinnery

wednesday i left for my friend sarah’s to go to rhinebeck with her.

sarah’s was fabulous. i love her family. and her fabulous knits, of which i took no pictures.  i’ve been harassing her to write down patterns for years and now i think she might – due to how much attention her daughter got at rhinebeck (more on that later).  sarah was one of my original fiber friends – we actually took spinning and dyeing classes together when we lived in vancouver.

on friday we headed to rhinebeck.

hung out saturday and sunday and headed back to sarah’s sunday night. my goal at rhinebeck, to keep myself from being overwhelmed by it, was to spend quality time with sarah and see my friend cheryl. what i probably should have done was to suck it up and meet some folks i’ve known on-line for a long time. i saw a LOT of people i recognized. i’m always surprised more people don’t recognize me because i’d think the glasses would be a dead give-away.  but maybe everyone else is a bit shy too.  you also may have been near me if you were at rhinebeck and saw a fabulous 2 yr old in a grey hooded dress with purple stripes – that is sarah’s daughter. her handknit got admired more than any of ours!  and if you saw said 2 year old, you were dangerously close to me ;)  she can’t say my name, so calls me wheezy.

a loop batt. destined to be plied with one of my colorways and used in a design for the next mixed knits book
loop batt

besides these few goodies, i also found a couple of farms to keep in touch with for future farm wool fiber clubs.

and monday morning i drove back to pgh.
tuesday i had to pack up fiber club to mail wednesday.
since then i’ve been busy figuring out the numbers on croci to get it to test knitters (almost done!) and making hand outs for the class i’m teaching this saturday.

i’d say i look forward to some slowing down, but really, there will be dyeing next week since the roommate is going to SOAR (lucky girl!).

10 thoughts on “this and that

  1. I didn’t see you and I was trying to keep my eyes open for you, but I think I was very very distracted by fiber ;) I didn’t see the 2 year old either so I guess we just missed each other. I knew it was going to be crowded, but I think it is hard to realize what it is like until you are there.

    I love the loop batt, I spent some time in their booth for sure! I didn’t bring anything home with me but it was fun to look. I somehow missed Hope Spinnery which is too bad since it was on my list of places I wanted to see. I definitely was overwhelmed once I was there. I’ll be better prepared next year!

    • i was on the look out for you too… but being distracted by fiber is not necessarily a bad thing.

      and yes! the second year at a fiber festival is inevitably less overwhelming ;)

  2. Wow, sounds so incredibly busy but also fun and super productive! I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with that batt. I love your handspun, and I’m excited to pull out the hat I made from one of your skeins last fall now that it’s getting colder in Chicago.

  3. I saw you!! I was so excited to see you, I think we were walking in different directions but I was thinking “yay, Cosy!!” Rhinebeck is so crazypants but is also really awesome. :) Next time I hope to have a moment to chat you up!!

    • yeah, SOAR happened to me on a fluke ;) and i believe you’ll make it to one of the other two also. maryland’s closer and probably won’t be 95 degrees next year.

  4. I love the hope spinnery! I got some of their stuff at Rhinebeck last year, that same orange that you got, actually. Unfortunately I think I was a little allergic to the dye they used (it made my skin all itchy when I was knitting with it.. I tried to ignore it to no avail since it was also destined to be mittens. Ysolda’s snap dragon mittens, actually.) and had to give it away.

  5. What’s so funny is I know you IRL and looked for you at Rhinebeck but never saw you! It was pretty crazy there, though – I was utterly overwhelmed, but in a good way. Of course, I came home with a nasty cold and have been under the weather since, but if a cold is the price I have to pay for such a wonderful event, so be it! :) Glad to hear you had a good time!

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