Mixed Knits

initial publication on wednesday!

This ebook includes:
-an essay with tips on how to knit with handspun and how to go about mixing it with commercial yarn
-13 fun patterns to mix things up with your handspun

All of the patterns will also be available individually and can be found in my pattern shop.

Please also note that these patterns, as with all my patterns, can really be used with any yarn you like as long as you get gauge.  I have included a bit of commentary about which commercial yarns to pick if not using handspun.

When you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, an automatic download of the ebook in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


on ravelry here.

mixed knits


9 thoughts on “Mixed Knits

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  3. You know I will buy a copy Cosy. I can’t knit but I gave the last book to my mom who is an excellent knitter and has made a few things already. I’m hoping she will make the fingerless gloves and the boys sweater vest…love those. P.S. any way I can get a signed copy this time?

  4. Hey….cute patterns. I’d probably make the Baby Beau and use some handspun for the contrasting areas and commercial yarn for the main color. This way, the whole sweater won’t skew crazily if my spinning is a little funky. I don’t spin that often and never know what to do with what I’ve spun. This book is a great idea for items that can combine both handspun and commercial. I know of a few babies on the way. Actually, I think the sweater would be cute using a thick and thin in the contrasting areas…punching up the texture without overwhelming the baby in a sea of lumpy bumpy yarn. For a boy baby I’d probably do a medium blue with a light green in the contrast. For a girl, maybe two shades of purple, or an orange and yellow. For either gender a grey heather would be nice, using brighter colors for the contrast. Hmmm…..I think I need to go through my yarn stash.

  5. I have plans to dye and spin up a brown color that I can stripe with the cosymakes fiber club in the Dry Leaf for the Croci sweater, unless the November or December batch matches it well enough I can use with it.

  6. I’m having my 3rd child in 2011. I would make a ‘Baby Beau’ with some Azul Malabrigo I’ve been hoarding, or if it is a little girl, with some NEW pink Malabrigo.

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