five senses friday – first friday of autumn

tasting: tea – all sorts, herbal, black, green – a lot of my favorite kinds come from here

tea cosy!

touching: book knits again! it’s about time. i’m finally feeling back in the swing of things.

seeing: snapdragon and a wee bit of spinning for a project for ebook 2

spinning and snapdragon

hearing: librivox mysteries – i’m currently on an anna katherine green binge.

smelling: stinky beans cooking

white beans

for jeanne lemlin’s mediterranean white bean salad from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures. i couldn’t find it on-line, so perhaps a recipe and a photo later in the week?

4 thoughts on “five senses friday – first friday of autumn

  1. autumn. autumn. autumn. oh how i wish it felt like autumn. everyone is talking about the cooler days and wintery projects, but it is still 90 here!! i am just having trouble with it. just had to rant!. love your work!

  2. Where is the pattern for the tea cosy (or cozy? now I’m all confused) from? I remember you posting about it before but can’t seem to find it. I absolutely love the colors and the striping though and it just occurred to me that my tea set will finally be moving with me soon (eek!) so I will be in need of a cosy.

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