five senses friday – september 17th

tasting: roasted vegetables – roasted root vegetables, which i serve over kasha, and also this roasted beet salad which i will be taking to a party tonight. is it mean to try to force beets upon people? ;)

roasted beet salad

smelling: leaf decay (bonus mushroom pic – although i didn’t smell them)

frick park

hearing: the drum line from the local high school.  they’re good and they regularly march around the block.

seeing: fence building in the backyard – they’ve been there all week

fence building

touching/feeling: new hats coming off of the needles for craft fair season


5 thoughts on “five senses friday – september 17th

  1. Oh—every time you send these newsletters I am filled with awe and desire—-I want the green hat with the orange and blue stripes. Is it, by any chance, my size? I can feel winter coming like a train wreck……..Your day of 5-senses is wonderful. And, to answer your question, beets are delish and if no one you knows likes em’ bring em’ to me! (the beets, not the friends)

  2. Forcing beets? Que nenni! Love ’em, they taste of fall. They are great with feta cheese, or in a salad with oranges and mint or apples….. mmmmmmm!

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