jonah test knits


barbara’s finished product can be found here. and a modeled shot here.

nataly’s lovely jonah. more pics can be seen over here.

maura knit this classy one. and emailed me some cute pics of it on the babe.

lisa’s girlie edition can be found over here. i like how fishes all around the cuffs makes it kind of ruffly.

and lastly, jessica’s pictures can be seen here, but she’s not quite done, so when she gets there i’ll re-post.


1 thought on “jonah test knits

  1. I think everyone’s test knits turned out great! I have to say, for a little sweater that knits up easily and quickly, it really impresses people when they see it. I’ve heard a lot of “you MADE that???” comments on mine. Which is cool. :)

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