and win some of the new yarn. i need help naming this new yarn brand.

my other yarn is called ‘Rainbow Chard.’

this yarn base is Brown Sheep Nature Spun
i am dyeing worsted (light worsted, more like dk), sport, and fingering (a light fingering).
some of them end up a bit more stripey, but many are semi-solids. dyed similar to how i dye the rainbow chard. i’d like one name to cover all weights.  thinking, light, mid, and heavy or something of that sort.

i threw it out on twitter and got the recommendation variegated carrots and i pondered heirloom tomatoes.

i think i don’t like these as much as rainbow chard, because rainbow chard doesn’t make me think of only certain colors (it’s probably the word rainbow). i’m not super attached to the garden idea either.  i’m open to anything!

recommend your names and i’ll pick from them… and whomever comes up with the winning name (or gives me a spark to find a name) will win a skein of the new yarn of your choice.  get your entries in by tuesday at 10 pm eastern time!

CLARIFICATION: don’t name these yarns!  they’re just samples.  name the overall line of yarns – dyed with this yarn base, in these sorts of colorways.  I work my rainbow chard like so: rainbow chard – reddish orange.  rainbow chard – pale blue etc.  so these will be name __________- red.  _____________ – lime green etc.

p.s. you can throw out as many names as you’d like… let us brainstorm.


64 thoughts on “help!

  1. Those colors make me think of the desert, so saffron, juniper, saguaro, cactus, sonora, arroyo are all words that come to mind. The blue reminds me of the time right before sunrise, while the reddish one is definitely the color of the sky over Red Rocks.

  2. I would call it “Daybreak.” The bottom pic is the early morning when the sky is pink/blue/purple and the sun is just coming up. The yellow looks beautiful! a big round sun! and the blue /green reminds me of the sky meeting the trees. All are absolutely awesome.

  3. • Garden Glory.
    • Morning Glory (or Glories)

    Oh! With either of these, you could play off the ‘weight of glory’ concept in regard to the different yarn weights …

  4. I wanted to suggest something about Seasonal Light , thinking of how the light looks at different times of the year and the colors you see remind me of your gorgoeus dyeing- but having light in the name would be confusing, with different weights of yarn. Maybe I’m just thinking like a photographer ! Seasonal Sol ? Seasonal Soul? Orbit ? Moon Phases (Harvest Moon, Strawberry Moon, Blue Moon etc).
    That’s more than my 2¢! I am awful at naming!

  5. Name the collection, or name that yarn? I wasn’t clear. If naming the yarn, I would try:

    Yellow yarn: Golden Embers
    Teal yarn: Juniper Road
    Tomato yarn: First Crush

    Naming the collection?

    Garden Gems Collection

    Rusty Gate Collection

  6. I like “Lollypop” or “Popsicle” for the collection and then the colors could be flavors, “lemondrop”, “blueberry”, “razz” etc.

  7. I always think ‘food’ when looking at yarn colors for some reason. LOL.

    -Scoop This! or Two Scoops (ice cream flavor themed colors)
    -Orchard Picks, or Orchard Harvest (fruit themed colors)
    -Gumdrop Twist (spice flavor themed flavors)

  8. I think of the Horse of a Different Color when I see these, which is weird, but it could possibly work? Maybe just “Of a Different Color”? Okay, maybe that’s not my best naming work :)

    I also like something focusing on the wooliness of the yarn, rather than the colors. Maybe the “In the Wool” collection? What about Spectrolicious?

    I give up. I’m off my game today, but good luck! The colors are just gorgeous, as usual.

  9. The sample colors here make me think of primrose. It’s an early spring flower–here are a couple pics:

    The “prim” part evokes the more delicate feel to this line of yarn, compared to rainbow chard (both the plant and the yarn) which is heartier. So the first yarn pictured above could be Light Primrose – Gold.

  10. I like “Farmer’s Market” for me that evokes the nature of the new yarn as slightly rustic, healthy, home-made and a riot of bright saturated colors.

  11. Ohh. Jen James up top made me think Painted Desert. Then I think Wild Flowers for some reason, maybe because the orange is precisely a California poppy. So then maybe Poppies. And then I randomly think of planets and their myriad of colors, so maybe Planitarium or Solar System.

    Have fun!

  12. how about something flower related? Orchids come in a lot of colors. or carnation? (now that sounds like a breakfast shake) hmm..petals, pollen, poppy, lily, lotus, aster, phlox, snapdragon.. it’s an idea anyway. :)

  13. How about something like Gaia’s bounty? Or Mother Earth’s palette? Something reflecting all the wonders that Mother Nature can produce?

  14. Hmmm… my comment seems to have not shown up so here’s mine ::

    Rainbow Sprinkles
    Prairie Gems
    Candy Karats

    I think I had one more, but I can’t remember it, so if you see the other comment, then there ya go!

  15. Similar to the rainbow theme, what about a name with Prism in the title? I always think of many colors when I hear the word ‘prism’. However, that may not be catchy enough.

    Another word that reminds me of many colors is Kaleidoscope.

    Have fun picking out the name – the yarn looks gorgeous!

  16. How about another type of chard? My favourite would be Bright Lights as it seems to be broad enough to include all weights and colours.

  17. I quite love the idea of a veggie patch collection of yarns!

    And so…

    Chich Chicory

    Candid Charm Cauliflower (yes this is a real type!)

    Grey eschalot

  18. Oooh, those are so pretty!

    The first thing that comes to mind when I see the colors are the colors of the mountains here and in other places I’ve lived – the golden sunrises gleaming from the summer hills out in California, the blue shady trees of the Appalachians, the raspberry sunset alpine glow of the Sandias here in Albuquerque. (Same with the colorways of the photo you linked – pale blue sky, yellow cottonwood glow in fall, purple dusk clouds around the hills…)

    I would be inspired to name the collection something like “Mountain Range,” or “Alpine Glow,” which I know refers to a specific quality of mountain light (oh hey, Mountain Light could work, too…) but could be a pretty name for a colorway collection, as well. :)

  19. Because I am nocturnal, into space and night skies, I like the idea of having an Intergalactic series. There are familiar names of planets and stars that people might automatically associate a colors with a heavenly body, so dark red could be Mars, and bright red could be Red Giant, or something like that.

  20. sunkissed melon (think cantalope and watermelon – but the blue is a bit problematic, but I can imagine the sky behind the melon being that blue and there are lot of other melon options) or maybe sun-grown melon


    summer berries
    or berry picking (the ones pictures are reminiscent of blueberries, gooseberries and raspberries)


    Jim says they remind him of squash or gords so how about – garden squash or autumn gords

    This is rather fun!

  21. Nature’s Own
    God’s Garden
    Crystal Prism
    Cosy’s Colors

    But I REALLY like the one above..”Farmer’s Market”.
    That’s cool.

  22. I’m a little homesick, so i’m going to say “country roads”.
    the red is like a barn that’s been recoated every year but flaking layers off, the yellow like a field of buttercups, and the teal like the river, or the particular twilight you only get in the blue ridge mountains. its also really close to harpers ferry, so you can have many blues for rivers, like opequon and shenandoah, potomac. you can play off the historical themes and have a brown, in fact, be john brown, and a lovely blue be a belle boyd. for a set of clashy colors, you can try hatfield and mccoy. lol.

  23. so many great ideas!!

    I thought Mythical Creatures is a fantastic way to go.

    Also Insects are interesting, they can fragile and beautiful, or frightful and disgusting, but lots of color associations and a wide range of naming possibilities.

    There are 4 billion bugs per person on the planet!!

  24. Oh Cosy. I have gone vegetable crazy:

    Meadow salsify
    Winter squash (delightful warm squishy wooliness!)
    Perennial Ladyfinger (especially appropriate for fingering weight)
    Hothouse rhubarb (haha)
    Florence fennel

    …oh boy. I love plants.

  25. just a couple more…

    Sweet Dreams or
    Rainbow Dreams ( if you were sticking with
    Rainbow theme )
    Woolie Dreams !
    Dreams in Color
    Got Color ?? :)

  26. I looked at your colorway and two thoughts came to mind that might inspire you:

    Montana sunsets/sunrises-the intense hues of blues/reds/yellows. It’s not just about the color of the sky but something more intense and bigger than that. (Hard to put into words but you are from MT so you know what I’m talking about :) )

    The colors at a bazaar in Spain/Turkey/Italy. I see fruit/veggie/artisan stands and the intense colors of the produce.

    I’m not quite sure yet how I would piece it together but maybe you could use the Latin or Greek names for Sun/Sunset/Heaven Sky (Sol/Caelem/Caelestis or branch out with something from the Zodiac or with Myths.
    Found these at Wiki:
    * caelum, “the sky”
    * astra, “the stars”
    * caeli, “the skies”

    The idea is still in the cooker but maybe this will help to keep the creative juices flowing!

  27. When I looked at your colour-way I was reminded of the tulip fields in Holland. If you Google images of tulip fields, you’ll see that all of your colours are represented there including soil patches, sky and of course, the beautiful tulips themselves. This is my favourite image that reminded me of your colourway.

  28. I’m seeing the southwest in these, especially during twilight (I’m about to move from new mexico and feeling highly bittersweet!)

    In fact, I should send you a pic of last night’s sunset – the yellows are the wild sunflowers growing all over my desert garden, the reds are the clouds in the sky as the sun went down and the blues are of course, the shades of the sky. Man, it was spectacular!

    Okay, wait… Desert Garden!

  29. I like something simple like “Divine” or “Fleur” or “Crayons” . . . but a one-word name then add the weight to the name, e.g., Divine Worsted or Fleur Bulky, etc. BTW, love your samples! Really pretty.

  30. OK, how about rainbow lamb? Or wooly rainbow.

    You have a rainbow of dyed colors on wool. It’s fairly descriptive of what you’re selling, but sounds like they’re part of the same line of products.

    Although, for something completely different, how about Wish on a Star?

  31. there are some really wonderful suggestions here, but I’m really taken with pmoys’s thoughts on Harpers Ferry and all the related names and colors. she started off suggesting ‘country roads’ but then her thoughts took her to the ‘Harpers Ferry’ suggestion, and I second that. it’s very evocative. :)

  32. So much fun to read all of these! :)
    I’m leaning towards something that evokes the bright colors of animals and birds. What about


  33. If you did want to stick with the vegetable idea, what comes to my mind that would encompass a wide variety of colours is peppers.

  34. The base makes me think of wooly-ness and being out in the country but those colors are so drenched — I was thinking Prairie Cocktails or Prairie Gems or Waves of Grass.

    As well as some western place names: Wall Drug, Laramie, Snake River, Ojo Caliente.

  35. You have so many great ideas coming to you in the comments already that I doubt mine will stand up to it but when I see that beautiful yellow I think of Citron the stone. Maybe stones, minerals or spices..all earthy natural things would give you a good group to work with on names. Kelp and fire (flame) come to mind for the other colors.

  36. I kinda like the idea of “condiments”. You could do a lot with that. Everything from jam and jelly to mustard to BBQ to curries to chutney.
    (In fact, the coconut chutney at Udipi reminds me of this pale green Cheviot sock yarn I dyed myself. I just realized that. I was putting together a charity basket yesterday and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out what that color reminded me of.)

  37. I really like chard part of your other name and was trying to think of names with a botanical theme.

    Rainbow Roots
    Leaf and Root
    Garden Variety
    Off Beet

    Or you could name your yarn after “the science and technology used to quantify and describe physically the human color perception.” – Colorimetry

    Or things that imply variety:

    Morning Medley

    OK, I am clearly grasping at straws at this point so I will cease.

  38. Wow, there are some great names in there! I don’t know if I would be able to choose. But I’m throwing into the mix, too. How about “A Day in the Life”? I also thought about different colors of the sky during the day, or the way the light refracts of building, clouds, etc. =]

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