think green baby tee

finished!  knit with my leftover skein of malabrigo sock from the mama’s wedding shawl. this babe was born in june, so this is a 6 mo size.

think green baby tee

the parents are woodworkers and both have worked for outward bound – organic, outdoorsy and good with their hands. in light of that, i decided to do something growing up the front. writing up this pattern was quite the interesting endeavor! i learned a lot. i’m still going to publish it, but it has crazy (crazy!) necklines going on. next time i’ll know what to do if i don’t want crazy necklines. ah well. tis the way. there are a lot of crazy things we can put on our bodies, just look at those bat wing sleeves that appear to be making a comeback.  i think an asymmetrical neckline is probably the least of our worries.

think green baby tee


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