belle test knits

there’s still one slot left in the farm wool fiber club over here.

today i’m showing off the belle test knits.

jules super cute belle in motion. i believe it still needs to be washed, and the demin will shrink a bit. more cute pics through the link.

my friend ana knit this belle. she ran out of one of the yarns, but i think her embroidery is brilliant and totally makes up for it.  closeups through the link, including a too short pic on her small one.  she’s gifting it to a friend.

lastly, dina’s belle. click over to check out the other photos.  i quite like the way this one turned out.  it looks very wearable.  i also really love how it’s different than all of the other belles.


5 thoughts on “belle test knits

  1. I finished mine too! Sorry – forgot to email you and let you know! :) Posted last week on my blog. I can email you the photos if you like.


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