farm wool fiber club – closed!


About farm wool:
‘Farm wool’ is wool that is pretty dang close to the farm. That means that the money I spent on this wool goes to the farmer and small mill where it was processed. Farm wool also means that you may find a stray piece of vegetable matter (vm) or two in your wool ;) personally, I find that all the more charming. Like the Falkland, Farm wool, has not been through the chemical acid bath that commercially processed wool goes through. This wool should also be slightly softer and retain more character and lanolin than its commercial counterpart. I promise you that spinning farm wool will be totally different than commercial top!

corriedale and shetland farm wool

Why is this more expensive than the falkland club?
Farm wool costs more than commercially processed wool, but it has also had much more care in the preparing of it. Because farm wool is so fluffy and newly processed, it is more difficult to dye and often needs to be dyed in smaller batches and so it takes more time to dye.

How does the club work?

1) What you get.

Each subscription to the fiber club lasts 3 months (in this instance, Sept-Nov). You get 4 oz of farm wool in an exclusive cosySpins colorway, hand dyed by me with Greener Shades Professional Acid Dyes*.

this 3 month theme is blends
50% alpaca / 50% wool
90% shetland / 10% angora
80% targhee / 20% mohair

2) Sign up!

I am offering this club to my blog readers first because there are only a limited number of spaces. To sign up for the club email me at cosymakes (at) gmail (dot) com with the following information and Farm Wool Fiber Club as the subject

*name and address
*paypal email (for billing) and how you would like to pay – or alternately agree to pay with a check for the full 3 months
*if you’d like to be on the waiting list if you don’t get in this round (i will note on this post when the club is full! if it doesn’t say anything when you email me, you’re most likely in.)

3) Pay.

Pay up front (preferred): $69

Pay month by month: $23/month

International shipping by request

4) Spin!

Your fiber will be mailed USPS 1st class between the 15th and 20th of each month. If you have chosen the pay monthly option, expect the bill between the 10th and 15th. I will only mail your shipment if you have paid.

corriedale farm wool

*I dye using greener shades dyes. they are low impact heavy metal-free dyes. All but the teal meet the Organic Trade Association’s requirements for organic fiber processing.


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