design notes: slipped cables

i first used a slipped cable pattern (out of one of the barbara walker treasuries) on the original Jonah sweater – as panels:


then one of the other slipped cable patterns inspired the permafrost hat – used as ribbing:


from there, i realized that i could make up my own slipped cables… so think green got it right up the front (combined with the ruching, which i used for the first time in my citron):

think green

next i thought i’d play with it a bit for the ebook – that it might show off handspun really well:


and finally i combined the original barbara walker with an idea of pin stripes in handspun and commercial yarn to get this effect:


you’ll see this with most designers, i think. for me it has to do with my creative process and pushing the limits of a particular item or technique. i do one thing and it just spurs me on to try something else.  one design element is seen anew – a riff off of another design.   i don’t even feel that i’ve plumbed the depths of this yet, but i promise not too much more of it right now ;)


8 thoughts on “design notes: slipped cables

  1. I love those slipped cables, too, and everything you’re doing with them!

    I totally understand the process you’re talking about. My current obsessions are vikkel braids, nupps, and roositud. I’m nowhere near done plumbing the depths of those elements yet!

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