me and my tabula rasa

i’ve had some landing issues from vacation.

first of all, ben’s home now which throws my work at home schedule totally off.  he’s distracting. there has been mario kart.  there has been much eating and cooking from our CSA.  there has been board game playing.

secondly, let me explain the way i work. the nice thing about my business is that i am nearly always working towards something. either a craft fair, pattern writing, fiber club etc.  i could be designing, spinning, dyeing, knitting… there are a variety of things i could be doing at any one moment, which i love.

not quite done, but clear enough to work.
tabula rasa

but here’s how i work. i work and work and work and focus and get a little bit messy :), then i take a few days to clean stuff up again.  but this time, because ben is around, i not only needed space, but i had to make space upstairs.  i often work in the dining room during the school year.  so. i’m posting a picture of what has been cleaned up again. and now i am ready to resume my blog and fiber arts career. next up: ebook(s), crafts n’at, and i should probably dye next month’s fiber club.

definitely more inspiring to design when you know what you have.

yarn room

also, my friend susan is coming to visit, so there should be lots of fibery fun as a result of that too!

3 thoughts on “me and my tabula rasa

  1. Hello Cosy, Just this weekend I saw your Daffodil Headband and have tried Ravelry to pay for and download the pattern. (I’m still not sure how to use Ravelry correctly) .. am I able to purchase the pattern from you please? Sharon

  2. The boyfriend getting home mucks up my work flow most of the time. I usually just try to get all my stuff done before he arrives. That only works sometimes.

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