yep.  we were up at daybreak every day, at least during the camping trip.  it gets light so early that far north in the summer, and my dad is hilariously incapable of being very quiet :D.  anyhow, as you can see, the shawl is coming along.  i think i have enough yarn to do the large, so i’ve got a ways more to go.


we are now home and i’m done with my craft fair, but i’m just getting back into the swing of things. if you’ve emailed me, i hope to get back to you soon! today my job is to pack up fiber club.

5 thoughts on “daybreaks

  1. I knit the daybreak shawl about 6 months ago. I *love* it!!! :) Your color choices are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it done! :D Mine is hot pink and black.

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