knit knit!

i’m a bit behind in telling you all what’s going on.

preemie sweater – we’re knitting these in my church knitting group for our local hospital – i’ll be publishing the pattern at some point.
preemie sweater

designing! ebook(s) in the works.
gleaning hat!

corrugated ribbing

jonah test knit – takes much longer to do a 2T size than a 6 mo.!
jonah test knit

i thought i should post these photos and catch you up before we head off on vacation to MT.  i may not be so communicative for a bit since i’m planning to actually take the time off.  not that i won’t be knitting, but mostly i plan to play board games, eat food, swim in lakes, see friends and family, get a haircut, and camp.

i’m dyeing july’s falkland fiber club today and did farm wool yesterday.  speaking of, there are still two spots left if anyone’s interested.  right when we get back, i have a craft fair, so wanted the wools ready to mail when we get back. summer!

3 thoughts on “knit knit!

  1. What is that really awesome thingy in the middle with the garter stitch/ribbing in different yarns?!? I love that! And have a great visit in MT – relaxing, enjoying family and fresh air!

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