call for test knitters: ebook

Hi blog readers!
I have been knitting with handspun so much that I have an idea for an ebook I’d like to get started on. The overall concept of the book is mixing handspun yarns with commercial yarns to make interesting garments. There will be a wide variety of items.

Here’s the deal:
1) you do not have to spin the yarn yourself
2) you do not have to participate in more than one pattern, but you can volunteer for as many as you like
3) most of the patterns will not use more than 8 oz of handspun and never more than 12 oz
4) i require you to keep track of yardage, follow the pattern, and give me feedback on things like fit and clarity
5) you must also complete the projects in the time given, generally 3-8 weeks depending upon the pattern.

If you would like to be on the email list for the e-book test knitting, let me know! The pay for the gig is a copy of the book when it’s all done. email me at cosymakes (!at) gmail (dot!) com if interested.

p.s. also my july newsletter!

p.p.s. and any openings for the next 3 months of falkland fiber club will be available on this blog on wednesday at 10 am eastern time.

13 thoughts on “call for test knitters: ebook

  1. I would love to help out, though insight or resources regarding yardage tracking might be necessary for me to do so. (Math is hard.)

  2. Hi Cosy!

    I would love to test-knit for your book, but what kind of handspun are we talking? I have no access to any out here in rural Australia…

  3. I know I’m jumping in late on this but I would love to knit for you. I knit mostly with hand spun yarn and am very comfortable adapting patterns so that I can use it. Thank you so much for your time, and what a great idea.

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