the scene

the scene

so. although i haven’t blogged in a few days, there has been no slacking, except perhaps on the organizing of yarn front ;)

what i’ve been doing:
-dyeing 15 lbs! of rainbow chard while ben was gone to MN
-dyeing farm wool fiber club
-picking up ben from the airport
-deep cleaning the kitchen, as is the case when i use it to dye in
-grading (re-sizing) this pattern and this pattern. it’s super difficult. i have no idea if they’re going to turn out. good luck to my test knitters ;)  they might be amorphous blobs when done.
-waiting on the beau and belle pattern to come together to be published – just a bit longer.
-laundry – to hang on my clothes line, which i love. it’s certainly incentive to do laundry – if only i could use it year round.
-getting the fiber clubs ready to go for this month

and today?  my church has worship in the park and a picnic – then to the free patty griffin show.  oh summer, you appear to be very very busy.  there may or may not be an update this week, we’ll see what i can pull off.


2 thoughts on “the scene

  1. my apartment has clotheslines set up in the basement, but its not the same as getting that wonderful windblown air-dry.
    I hope you have a lot of fun! Seems like a bit to do!

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