about face

recent yarns.  i totally thought this yarn was ugly, until i went outside to look at it and noticed this

and then this one was too fun not to take a photo of

and i must tell you that this is not the first time that my opinion about colors has been changed by nature.  while we were living in vancouver and i was a fairly new dyer, without fail, i would get all variations on green/gold.  not my favorite colorway ever, and then one day i looked out my living room window and noticed that it was almost exactly the color of the green maples turning gold.  a whole new appreciation for the color was born and now, again. from fleshy to floral in no time flat ;)

have you ever had your opinion of a color changed from something in your environment?  have you ever had an about face about a color?

11 thoughts on “about face

  1. I got pretty enthusiastic about oranges and yellows just after I was stuck in the hospital/rehab in the winter and spring of 2008. It’s just starting to wear off. I think that was the opposite of what you’re talking about though-mine was through a lack of bright color and sunshine.

    Seeing grape hyacinths and daffodils growing together in the spring this year made me realize why I love the purple-yellow combination so much, too.

  2. You know, when I was in high school, I hated the colors of early spring, especially the colors of the unfurling baby leaves. How funny is it now that those greens, chartreuse and verdigris and ferns, are now colors that I can’t live without.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of green but now other colors are starting to work their way in – like oranges and purples. Not sure why though.

  4. I worked in a frame shop for many years. We framed a lot of prints by a local landscape artist who seemed to love the extremely cold and pale blue color of a Montana winter sky and featured bits of it in every winter scene he painted. I hated it so much that I obsessively examined the sky for that exact color, and then resented it. One spring I got the urge to paint all my window trim that exact color (almost the same as your comment box outline!) and it’s cheered me up so many times to look out the window in the winter when the world outside looks like a black and white photo and see that flash of blue. I haven’t branched out to using it in fiber yet!

  5. I usually stay with the same colors, however seeing a pattern in my non-color and the one of my colors will make me consider the pattern. Then I usually knit the pattern in any of my different colors.

    Color is usually the first comment I make on FOs I see in blogs or Ravelry.

  6. I never liked golds and oranges particularly until my own and my sister’s offspring came along and looked WONDERFUL in those colors. I’ve also been influenced, like you, by colors in nature. Lately it’s been the delicate pinkish coral of the full-blown begonia on my front porch. It got even better when a commercial landscape designer in the neighborhood paired these same begonias with tender, yellow-green hostas. Without having seen them myself, I would have said “no way!”

  7. I used to HATE orange, until I had Henry! Now I love it because it’s a bit more quirky than red or blue for a little boy. He has a T-shirt that’s orange, sky blue, and dark blue striped, and it’s SO adorable! I find myself gravitating more towards the warmer colors now, even though I mostly adore cool colors – and look way better in them!

  8. I love oranges and yellows! I am absolutely in love with the orange one anyway. the creamy oranges mixed with the vibrant ones remind me of a colorway i’m getting a laceweight done in for a scarf.

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  10. Growing up I always loved bright spring tones, but after living in Vancouver, Seattle and now Scotland (I have lived in some of the rainier places in the world!) I’m really enjoying more muted tones. Somehow mustard, sage and muted blue just work in these landscapes, just adding a touch of color, but blending too.

  11. Orange was my big about face, all because of knitting :) Now I see it as vibrant, sunlight, energy, fire! I so love this tie in with your environment – the marigolds especially give a whole new view to that skein.

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