first of all, thanks for all the good wishes for katie.

secondly, here’s the falkland fiber club offering for may.  if you want a photo of the before fiber colors, there are some pics in the flickr group.  i didn’t get photos of mine because it was the bits and bobs left over.


the last two months, i’ve started spinning the yarn right after i mail it out. this has the opportunity to become a ritual :)  it’s fun to spin along with you all.  approx. 9 oz. and 635 yds.  i like how the darks really pop on the lightish shade of the rest  i’m thinking striped sweater with either commercial or recycled yarn.  turquoise and brown are the current colors that are catching my attention.

7 thoughts on “pacific

  1. With all the moving hubub I didn’t get a chance to tell you how much I love the 2nd fiber club shipment! It’s gorgeous! Your version spun up looks great. =)

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