katie’s hatitude

cancer has been a journey for my mother-in-law (first talked about here, although katie has been talked about a lot on this blog because she knits too).  that journey has included a cold alaska winter and a body that was cold from the inside out.  it has required heated car seats.  and it has also required hats.  in the winter, i made her this one, this one, and this one. and now, while katie and ben were gone to france last week, i whipped these two up.

amelia earhart aviator cap [my project on rav]

katie's ameila

i love this hat! i might need one, unless i decide to cut off all my hair, then maybe not ;) i made mine from ultra alpaca on size 7 needles.  this is the hat katie requested, since slow knitting from numb fingers and chemo brain made her unlikely to make it.  (although, i must add, that she is working on a hat right now, it’s just taking a while.)

katie’s foliage [my project on rav]

katie's foliage

a friend cleaned out a bit of her stash, and gave me this skein of silk garden.
i immediately thought they were katie’s colors. now, if you want the lace to show up, i don’t recommend this yarn. fortunately, i just wanted some yarn overs and didn’t care as much about the lace.

i think these will be the last two hats i make for this journey. katie’s heading from us to mayo clinic to have one last surgery, then we’re hoping for things to be back to normalish.

6 thoughts on “katie’s hatitude

  1. Do you make these hats and sell them? I have cervical cancer… The cancer keeps coming back… Just when I almost get a head of hair I lose it… Never came back thick like it used to be… Is really bald on top and burns easily and is very cold… I feel for Katie…
    Sincerely Karmen
    Take care be safe…
    P.S. I can only crochet but not a pattern online like this knitted one for crochet…

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