rainbow chard update!

as you may have predicted from previous posts – today’s update!

update 5/19

my base yarn is lanaloft – aran weight wool and each skein is 100 yds. and here are some hats that i made with all the little skeinlets i had left over. although i like these, i have a feeling that i would have liked them better had i mixed hand dyed with non hand dyed. ah well ;) but you know me. that’s what i like to do. next time there will be mixing!

0-6 mo.
0-6 mo.

6-18 mo.
6-18 mo.

18 mo.-4yr
18 mo.-4 yr.

none of them are blocked yet, so i guess i’ll be doing that today :) i love blocking colorwork.

9 thoughts on “rainbow chard update!

  1. love the hats…they are so adorable..i would so love to knit a hat..but i need step by step instructions..lol..
    love the colors also..

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