matrika spring fling

at yoga matrika this saturday

this is going to be a fun fun fun! event.

first off there’s $5 yoga, which, with all that dyeing and knitting the days before, i’ll be excited about.

then there’s the art and craft fair part with free knitting lessons given by me and my friend ana. i’m going to start a community scarf project for the studio – so there will always be something to knit on if you get there early for your class, or linger late.

community scarf jan 2006

and then there’s music from 4:30-6:30.

and last, but not least, there’s this really fun community prayer flag project.  i’m excited to make a prayer flag of my own.  so come, hang out, listen to music, shop, create, and do yoga, or any combination of those.

3 thoughts on “matrika spring fling

  1. A group of my librarian friends from all around the country have been doing a “traveling scarf” project for close to two years. I think we have hopes that the last of us will be getting our finished scarves this year. It’s been a fun project – I was so excited to see your photo – it made me think of what I have in store soon!

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