handspun pinwheel

if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember that this once happened. and then at the cusp of week 13, about a year ago, the weekend before MDSW, the post script to this post happened.

and then chaos ensued including a sick mother-in-law and travel 31 days in 3 months followed directly by ben’s hardest (read: busiest) semester of school yet.  so, who’s this blanket for?  this blanket is for the hope that some day the first part of that might happen again.  hopefully soon.

last yarn off of the sonata

frankly, this yarn was lovely and soft – mostly farm wool bfl – and i knew it was destined to be this.  so i made it.  even though it makes me slightly sad to look at and slightly embarrassed to talk about who it’s for – because there is no who yet.

handspun pinwheel

pattern: pinwheel blanket – from the lovely book knitalong
yarn: my handspun batts, random hand dyed yarn, and portland tweed
needles: size 8, 24 in. circular
[rav link]

handspun pinwheel

this was my go-to brainless project for the last month or two.  i loved mixing the handspun with commercial in a larger project and i’m pretty certain that another soft handspun will be used to make a square version too.  we’ll wait for the right yarn though and maybe we’ll be pregnant again by then.

handspun pinwheel

i had to adjust the colors quite a bit on these photos due to my camera hating both lime green and turquoise. hardest thing to take photos of EVER!  the handspun actually picks up on the blue and the lime commercial wools really well and the turquoise is darker.

handspun pinwheel

23 thoughts on “handspun pinwheel

  1. This is just lovely Cosy! It reminds me of one of Van Gogh’s rural paintings, with the varied color (ag-lands) then the green(the hills) and the blue (sky). And its woman’s month anyway…may fertility aboundeth!

  2. Lovely blanket, and sentiment! I wish you and Ben all the best, and that there is a little one wrapped in the blanket very soon!

  3. I think it’s gorgeous and I see no reason why a little pre-knitting isn’t allowed. I wish you both all the best and the sound of pitter-pattering feet soon. :) xx

  4. honestly– would you come to Quebec and give a colourwork class? your combinations sing. Mine? Not so much. All the very best, bonne chance! Santé!

  5. Thank you for posting this. I believe the labor of your hands and the wishes of your heart are intertwined. I hope you get what you desire.

  6. I hope you soon have a beautiful baby to wrap up in this beautiful blanket. I’ve been through three losses myself and I still don’t really know what to say to others who have been there. I think knitting can be very healing, and a very tangible way to hold onto hope that there will be a baby soon.

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